April 30, 2021

Welcome back to SoniaChic95 website,alright Soft luminous hair is a common goal for natural Sisters and brothers,However,life can get the best of your hair — whether due to aging,lifestyle habits or poor hair care techniques—many things can damage your already delicate hair cuticles,Over time,natural oils may be stripped from your hair which may lead to dryness.

Still,this doesn’t mean you have to settle for dry brittle hair,Softening otherwise dry and coarse hair can be treated with home remedies,All you’ll need is a combination of moisturizing ingredients and healthy hair care habits.Consider the following remedies and steps you can easily add to your own routine.

1, Know your hair type

Understanding your hair type is important before trying/any-home-remedies.Dry, use some extra TLC but straight hair may not need as much oil compared with curly hair.This is because natural oils from the scalp move easier through the cuticle the straighter your hair is.

Although you may know your hair type now,it can change as you get older because of a decrease in natural oil production.Your hair might also be different based on the climate you live in and what season it is.

2, Argan oil

Derived from Moroccan-argan-fruit extracts,-this oil-is.known-for.its.moisturizing-properties-While-research.involving argan oilTrusted Source and hair care is lacking,

this remedy shows a lot of promise.

Cosmetic manufacturers have added the oil to numerous shampoos,conditioners,and treatments,but extremely dry hair may benefit more from pure argan oil.(Get some here)Plus,you won’t have to deal with any chemicals or other unwanted additives,Apply as you would olive oil — in a single,even layer. 

3, Moisture starts on your wash day,Firstly is get your self a sulfate free shampoo.Followed buy a conditioner/ deep conditioner Or you can DIY conditioner using aloe and peanut oil it will leave your hair soft like a cotton candy,

Hot oil treatment or pre-poo.

Choose any oil you want and heat it up apply it on your scalp to the whole part of the hair,cover with plastic cap then towel.Sit under hooded dryer if don't have take a dampen towel and heat it up on microwave then wrap it around your head. Rinse your hair and do the 

LOC/LCO method

Since my natural hair is 4c and 4b I usually don’t go without the LOC Method,we are like coffee and cream haha,alright this is how it goes,

L-liquid or leave in



This is a method of how we re-moistutise our hair.Water is where the moisture comes from.Oils and creams/ butters don't have water so we have to add to our selfs.oils and butters are sealants.You will have to do a loc method each Time your hair feels dry.

After all that work done,we don't want that moisture to go to waste right.That's where satin or silk Bonnett comes in. satin or silk helps retain moisture unlike other fabrics that sucks moisture out of your hair.

4, Use a weekly hair mask

Aloe Vera gel oil can be an effective way to add much-needed moisture to dry hair.But if you’d rather not mess with pure oils,you can look for a ready-to-use hair mask instead.

Used on a weekly basis,a hair mask can help your hair draw in moisture more effectively for softer hair over time.Apply-on-damp

-not wet)-hair.after.shampooing,then.

rinse out after five minutes.

5, Bentonite clay that’s.traditionally.used.for.digestive.ailments.It’s,like.eczema,dryness and bug bites.

6, Research is ongoing about the possible effects of bentonite clay for your hair,though most related studiesTrusted Source have focused on animals

Proponents believe that the clay can help clean your hair while also balancing out moisture levels. It may even help with dandruff.

7, To use bentonite clay for your hair:

Get some bentonite clay.

Combine equal parts clay with water or vinegar,to form a thick paste.Apply in the shower as you would a store-bought hair mask.Don’t wash with hot water

Hot water can cause damage to dull,dry hair. Opt for lukewarm water instead.

8, Avoid certain protective hairstyling 

Hair accessories can be a fun and easy way to change up your look.Some accessories,such as elastic bands,are even essential when you’re working out or playing sports.But over time, mthe pulling and tightening action from these hairstyles can damage the hair cuticle.This can lead to dryness,and even patchy hair loss.

9, Go easy on frequent treatments

When you get a quality hair treatment, whether it’s a color job,perm,or straightening/relaxer treatment,the results can be addictive.You may even be tempted to get another treatment after a few weeks.

Professional hair treatments can even make your hair soft and shiny,but many of the effects are temporary.At the core of each treatment are chemicals,which can dry out and damage your hair after a while.

Your best bet is to go easy on the treatments with a minimum of six weeks in between each session.

It takes time

It can take time and experimentation to find products that give you the soft hair you’re looking for.The above remedies can help soften your hair over time.While a hair mask or a plant oil can provide immediate softness,the effects will wear off after a few days until you reapply again.

Other changes to your routine will take longer to impact your hair — this can take several weeks depending on the extent of dryness or damage.

10, Don’t forget to Drink lots of water as moisture comes from within,even for hair.Good and strong hair starts with what you put in your hair,continue reading

.Food Hair Growths

If your hair continues to be excessively dry despite the above remedies,see your doctor. Extensive dryness that won’t self-correct with healthy lifestyle habits could indicate an underlying medical condition,such as nutritional deficiencies.

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Products And Tools Professional Braiders Use

April 3, 2021

If you’re wondering what kind of product or tools more professional Braider use,oh well I got you covered with these awesome products and tools that is going to make your braids looks so amazing after you get them done,I recently noticed a lot of new braids hairstyles are so shiny and with a clean part so I decided to try out these products and tools that was recommended by a really good friend of mine and gosh I love using them,
I did tried them all,that’s why I’m recommending these goodies to you with love and don’t let anyone tell you that hair product and tools dose not matter,it does and it makes a whole lot of difference in hairstyling,after you’re finish styling your braids hairstyles or natural hair then you will know how awesome some hair product and tools can be,

Products and tools for Braiders to help make braiding easier and more fun in the process,Honey’s don’t miss out on the newest and trending braids hairstyles that are looking so fine with These golden products and tools.

Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair Extensions Black - 24 inch 8 Packs Synthetic Crochet Braids, Natural Braid Crochet Hair, Hot Water Setting Professional Soft Yaki Texture (24 inch, 1B)

Freetress Synthetic Braid - 3X Pre-Stretched Braid 301 28 Inch (OMRED)

X-pression Premium Original Ultra Braid. - Color 1 ( Pack of 6 )

Pieces Multicolor Quick Beader Automatic Hair Beader Ponytail Maker Styling Tool for Loading Beads with 1000 Pieces Mini Rubber Bands for Hair Styling Accessories

Tara Assorted Color Design 240 Pieces Plastic Beads 10x12 mm for Braid Hair for Girls (Clear Glitter)

6Packs Passion Twist Hair 18Inch Water Wave Crochet Hair for Passion Twist Crochet Braiding Hair Long Bohemian Hair Braiding Passion Twist Braids Synthetic Hair Extensions (1B)

THE MANE CHOICE - Multi-Vitamin Scalp Nourishing Hair Growth Oil (4 Ounces / 118 Milliliters)

Summer Colorful braids

March 25, 2021

Mostly a lot of you ladies like to braids your hair in the winter month but unfortunately we can’t use these beautiful colorful braids extension,Okay right you can use them in the winter month if you want to,but me personally i prefer colorful stuff in summer especially colorful  hair,

 Summer sunshine will soon be here that’s why I put together all these gorgeous colorful braids for you to choose from,actually I know we are still in spring but it is really good to Plan ahead,One of the amazing part about braids and summer time is that you get to keep you hair in a protective style and go swimming plus there are so many braids hairstyles to choose from, For example

twists,crochet braids,Senegalese twists,box braids,and marley twists,Box Braids.

Rainbow Box Braids
Almost like rainbow first braids and second braids is definitely rain check,alright rainbow braids.

What is better than rainbow braid? This is also a great choice for summer especially since almost everyone -spirit Is down right now because of the cov19,I feel like this braids hairstyles will definitely bring smile to someone face.

Red hot Mini twists-the color is so beautiful especially the way this Braider did it so neatly. 
Deep Blue and Light Extension 
This blue Extension is one of the hair I will be mixing in my braids this coming summer 
Top Knots Box Braids
Mix color braids always looks awesome to me especially the bright ones,actually this particular ombre braids looks so  mind blowing mainly the pink and black 
Wearing colorful hair is a big deal,because this kind of colors calls for more attention,I’m not saying that people who wear colorful hair are looking for attention,Actually I’m simply saying these calls out lots of attention’so make sure to wear it with confident not to second guess you see in this particular photo,she knows what she want’bold and beautiful.
Rainbow And LOC Braids 

This braids is so cute I have no words to describe.But it does take awhile to achieve,so make sure you have enough time before trying to do this hairstyle on yourself

Biggest Sizes Box Braids 

Pick your favorite color
Yellow Box Braids 

She looks fresh and feels fresh,that is why she can’t stop smiling,yellow is always a happy color that is why lots of people will choose yellow over anything else,who said you can’t go bold with hair?

Mix Colorful Box Braids

two strand twist
Ombré Box Braids
Another Colorful Box Braids

This is one of my favorites becuase it just looks so pretty and works with any plain outfit.

Blonde and Silver Box Braids 
Dark Green Box Braids 
Black and pink braids 
Ghana cornrows braids 
Blue,Orange,Light Blue
Bye for now SoniaChic95

All Time Favorite Beauty Product

March 6, 2021

Hello You,If you’re new here welcome to SoniaChic95 website or if this is your second or third time welcome home again,I will be sharing with you my favorites products I’ve been using for one to two years now and still loving,they are all one of a kind and so good that why I have decided even if these products that I’m currently still using finish I will definitely rebuy it again,my actual holy grail collection products that I trust and will repeatedly go back to.

1 : FIRST AID BEAUTY- ULTRA REPAIR CREAM Intense Hydration Skin Protectant,Use To: help hydrate dry skin,it also heals dry cracked heels’okay seriously this cream is for multiple purpose.Check out one of  my old weird VIDEO For More Info on this CREAM Plus Body Scrub,

Okay guys this video was created last year February,all of these products was my February favorite product and now I’m still using them that alone can tell you how much I love using these goodies.Seriously February favorite beauty product turn into March Madness Favorite product again. Shops here for FIRST AID BEAUTY- ULTRA REPAIR CREAM


2, BEAUTY SOAP CO.CASTOR OIL AFRICA BLACK SOAP-For Hair & Body- everyone knows black Africa is awesome in skin care,It has mainly proved time in time again,from people’s in Africa and the people’s all over the world,I’m crazy about black Africa soap myself because the way it works it magic,back in Liberia during the war there was no other soap to use so I learn to love black Africa soap,actually I was so young that I did not know the benefits for using black Africa soap,we even use to wash our clothes with black Africa soap,now I’m a grown-up adult I now know the full benefits for using Africa black soap,so all in all every time i decide to buy a product that has black Africa soap in it I know that from the get go it going to be good,Alright I have done a lots of Diy with black Africa soaps,okay speaking of DIYs this is just one of the many I have make myself,the next image is the Diy I make with black Africa soap for skin and hair,my inspiration came from BEAUTY SOAP CO.CASTOR OIL AFRICA BLACK.

DIY Body & Hair Cleanser new image

3, LANCÔME MATTE SHAKER Liquid Lipstick and this MONSIEUR MASCARA-is seriously my number one favorite expensive brand product,I actually got these two together,this mini Duets is so super amazing-lip tint and mascara,

Lancôme MON SIEUR BIG Mascara 

If you love a flutter of voluminous on your natural eyelashes,then consider Lancôme’s MON SIEUR BIG mascara your new best friend,because it will make your natural lashes looks fully and the bristles are awesomely amazing.


This light lipstick color are very excellent for people who like bare looks and it also very pigment,who doesn’t love natural looks when it comes to makeup,all in all I just love LANCÔME MATTE SHAKER Liquid Lipstick!

Bye for now SoniaChic95