DIY Hair Grow Oil with aloe Vera gel

November 30, 2021

 Hello beautiful people,welcome back to SoniaChic95 blog.I will be Explaining to you in my old blog post about aloe Vera gel benefit on NaturalHair then In this new video I’m going to be sharing with you how i was able to grow my natural hair back with this DIY Aloe Vera gel oil.

Incorporating scalp massage into your hair regimen is very essential for Afro hair,keep on reading here or watch tutorial on Aloe Vera gel Benefit on NaturalHair 

Product used 

1 cup Peanut oil 

3-4 small aloe Vera leaf 

6-7 dry Roses petals 

Add 2 teaspoons of Eucalyptus oil or Lavender oil If needed.

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How To DIY Shea butter NaturalHair

September 24, 2021

 Alright we all know winter is coming very soon,that’s why I decided to share the benefits on Africa Shea butter for you Queens,actually this DIY Shea butter whipped cream works on both Natural and relaxed Hair and also in the summer plus winter time,

Keep on reading or watch tutorial for more details on Africa Shea Shea on hair benefits.


These days people tend to argue about Shea butter claiming the white is better than the yellow or otherwise.Well I'm here to tell you more about this after living in one of the country that Africa Shea butter is made from,Ghana- 

QUICK NOTE - Actually I’m from Liberia and I was living and schooling in Ghana back in the good old days and currently I’m living in The land of Milk and honey,of course United States of America.

Alright I’m right back on this DIY Africa Shea butter  whipped cream topic,as I was saying Shea butter is amazing and wonderful it is very good for skin but I really like using it on my natural hair because it can be use on both hair and skin.


Shea butter is naturally rich in vitamins A,E and F which offers UV protection and provides the hair with fatty acids and nutrients necessary for total moisture,Shea Butter are popular in the hair and skin care because of the moisture it brings to the table,


1. Leaves the hair feeling soft

2. antioxidants and healing properties

3. Locks in moisture in hair

4. Soothes an irritated Scalp

6. Protects the hair from sun damage

7. Remove dandruff 

8. repair split ends

9. Promotes Healthy Hair 

10. Gives hair shine and bounce 

Shea butter is produced from the SHEA TREE which grows mostly in arid /desert /dry landed area and this allows shea butter to suck as much moisture as it can from the environment which makes the butter creamy and wax like in nature. 

There are FOUR TYPES of Shea butter 

The first one is the YELLOW SHEA BUTTER. from West Africa. Its not bright yellow it's usually PALE /FAINT YELLOW and what gives it it's yellow colour is that during extraction,is that the borotutu tree root is added for it's extra nutrients and benefits so a YELLOW Shea butter is considered original. 

Another butter which is similar to the yellow Shea butter is AFRICAN KPANGNAN BUTTER gotten from the BUTTER TREE.It's usually found in Togo,Benin and Sierra Leone The only difference is that butter tree grows in tropical and rainy regions this gives the butter a hard and grainy texture and it's usually MUSTARD YELLOW in colour.It is known as RUVER BUTTER.It's beneficial, healthy and moisturizing to use for hair and skin even to eat but it's NOT Shea butter.

Another Shea butter from West Africa is the white Shea butter,it's not clear white or bright white It's more like beige or ivory in colour,in lay man's words it's OFF WHITE in colour and it's considered original too... 

There's another Shea butter which is from EAST AFRICA in Northern Uganda and Sudan called the Shea nilotica which is softer than the West Africa Shea butter and it has less antioxidants,and more soft and more cream compared to West African Shea butter 

The final type of Shea butter is the refined Shea butter... It's usually nice to use on hair and skin care but not good to eat cause it has only moisturizing properties and it has lost most of its nutritional value.This Shea butter is usually PURE WHITE in colour.

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Bentonite Clay Homemade Treatment

August 27, 2021

Alright beauties,I think It’s about time I do a deep scalp cleansing treatment with this Bentonite Clay,actually this hair mask can be use on both natural and relaxed hair,just make sure you don’t do this DIY treatment everyday.

Some benefits for Bentonite Clay.

Bentonite Clay is known for its clarifying-principles,It cleanses the scalp and remove build up and also detoxifies the hair plus removing dead scalp cells.


Health & Beauty Indian Healing Bentonite Clay - One cup of Clay 

Apple cider vinegar - 5% ACIDITY

3/4 6-oz - Apple cider vinegar 

100% Extra Virgin OLIVE Oil 

2- 3 tablespoons of olive oil 

PROVENCE Essentials Conditioner  Bar

The LOC METHOD NaturalHair full tutorial up on channel,don’t forget to check and see how I apply my leave-in conditioner.

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July 30, 2021

Today I will share some tips on how to use 6 main ingredients to make a mask for your natural hair and get benefit from them in the long run.

Before we start let me tell you this-This DIY is pretty much messy,which can cause some irritation when applied.What you need to do is mix the ingredients with flaxseeds gel to get better coverage.


Flax Seeds (Whole) - 1/2 cup 

Water - 2 cups 

Aloe Vera Gel - 3 tbsp 

Hibiscus Flowers - 6 

1 tablespoon sunflower oil 

5 drop-tea tree oil 




Blend aloe vera gel and hibiscus flowers to a fine liquid slime-How to-aloe gel gel

Bring water to boil and add flax seeds and aloe hibiscus liquid slime.

Let it boil for 5-10 minutes in medium flame until a gooey liquid  is formed. (not too thick, not too runny) 

Turn off the stove and strain immediately to extract the gel. Allow the gel to cool and thicken,Then add in your sunflower oil and tea tree oil.

Method: Now part your hair in different sections.

you might need to use your finger tips to cover the root areas after working your way down to the root of your hair 

Dip the finger in the mixture and apply it into your ends and work your way down to your scalp you can use brush if you want to’ just make sure that every strand of hair root has been covered. 

After applying the DIY then Cover  your hair with shower cap or with plastic bag,Leave it on for atleast 1 -2  hour 

After removing the Diy from your hair with warm or cold water,you can use co-wash cleanser or rinse out condition on your be sure that all of the DIY came out when you were washing your hair.

I would recommend you do the LOC After you are done washing your hair.

Leave-in Conditioner 


Cream -

This mask does not only make your hair shiny it also increase hair growth by nourishing the roots from top to bottom.

The next day,I decided to use let jam and some other gel,I will definitely talk about this other hair gel in my next posting.


You can try a simple patch test to verify if you are allergic to aloe vera.You may also get a blood test done to identify the ingredients you are allergic to.

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