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January 22, 2021

 Okay guys,this is a game changer for dry natural hair,especially 4c hair,a lot of times I always get asked what Kind of product I use on my hair,oh well this is it,the miracle plant call aloe Vera,I’m finally Done uploading this aloe Vera gel Leave-in conditioner video,

you can either read on or watch tutorial,this is a natural regimen for dry natural hair,there are so many ways to use fresh aloe Vera gel on your natural hair,in this video you will find most details on how to use aloe Vera Gel as leave-In conditioner and in this blog post.

Few Things you can do with fresh aloe Vera gel that will benefit your natural hair .


Pre-Poo treatment 

Deep-conditioner treatment 

hair mask treatment 

Aloe Vera gel as a hair moisturizer

Aloe Vera Gel as a hair relaxer

Keep itching scalp Calm 

Remove dandruff,conditioner hair,grows hair,

The symptoms of an itching scalp and flaking hair can be treated with aloe vera gel from right in your home.

Using aloe vera is a great way to get your hair to looks healthier,shinier,and softer.Aloe Vera gel Promotes healthy hair growth Aloe vera has the incredible ability to increase blood circulation to an area,That’s part of why its healing properties are so unique and amazing.

When you use aloe vera on your hair and scalp,blood flow to your scalp increases,When your scalp has been cleansed and your hair has been conditioned with aloe vera gel,you might see that hair breakage and loss slows Strengthens and repairs the hair strands.

Aloe Vera gel for fast hair growth It stops the hair from breaking easily and it controls hair thinning and can also helps regrow bald patches,Aloe Vera gel can add shine to unshine hair,

Aloe vera contains vitamins A,C,and E.All three of these vitamins contribute to cell turnover,promoting healthy cell growth and shiny hair.Vitamin B-12 and folic acid are also contained in aloe vera gel.Both of these components can keep your hair from falling out.

Alright as I said aloe Vera gel is really good for the hair but also messy,if your hair is dry and you want to keep moisture in it’I recommend you give fresh aloe Vera gel a try,

Things to know before using Aloe Vera Vera.'t,poisonous.but.causes.stomach upset.Avoid using it on your scalp and skin because it causes intense itching,Cut off the first one inch of the aloe vera leaf and discard.some people are allergic to 

the.latex.on.fresh.aloe.Vera,It.can.cause rash,itching,swelling,and.anaphylaxis.personally.I’m not allergic to it,but.I.usually just clean it out with paper towels and start to cut off my aloe Vera leaf .

Or you should let the ends of the plant sit it water for 2-3 minutes to release all the toxins out of the plant that yellow slime that makes the plant smell bad,as I said I usually just clean it and start Extract my aloe gel out of the leafy

What you will need to do before and while applying aloe Vera gel on your hair,looks here this is my hair it is 4c,4b and it currently length medium’so I usually use 1-2 aloe Vera leaves gel on it,


If you decided to use this DIY aloe Vera gel the next day good,just make sure to not use after 3-4 days because this DIY is-harmful chemicals free and it has no preserve,3-4 days it will start to smell little bit bad,I would recommend you keep this DIY in the refrigerator for a week and after that throw the rest away.


1, Wash your aloe Vera leaf

2, Cut open the Aloe Vera leaf.

3, Use the same knife or spoon to scrape out the gel out of the leafy and Blend.

4, then put a silk cloth in clean bowl and add the aloe Vera gel into cloth and squeeze until you remove 95 % off the aloe Vera gel

5, then Use this aloe vera gel directly in your hair or mix any of these Oils I listened here 

Peanut Oil,Olive Oil Jojoba Oil

Amla Oil,Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Coconut Oil,Flaxseed Oil,Grapeseed Oil

Hemp Seed Oil,Macadamia Oil

Neem Seed Oil,Avocado Oil,Argan Oil

Olive Oil,Pure Sunflower Oil 

Shea Oil,Sweet Almond Oil,Baobab Oil

6, Then cover your hair with plastic cap after you are done applying the aloe Vera slimy gel on your hair then let the aloe Vera stay in your hair for 1-2 hours especially if You have type 4c hair or you can just leave it in for 30 minutes 

7,Leave-In conditioner or Rinse out and cowash your hair,Style as usual.

Aloe Vera gel mixed with coconut oil is also great combination for 4c and 4b natural hair,detangle your hair in 45-50 minutes with this Diy and guys this particular Diy mixture helps overcome dryness of the hair.


I noticed wherever I’m using my hands to take my aloe Vera gel from the bowl before applying it on my hair it usually fall down on the floor if I’m not careful taking the aloe gel from the bowl because of the slipperiness,So Watch out for that,I would recommend you use spray bottle or serum bottle.

Alright personally my hair love The peanut oil and aloe Vera oil plus Macadamia Oil.and As I said in one of my aloe Vera gel hair video,that I love using aloe Vera gel so these are some of the photos I took during the past time I was using it, 

aloe Vera gel and aloe Vera gel oil mix with moringa powder

Fresh aloe Vera gel mix with food color 
Aloe Vera gel with moringa powder 
Aloe Vera gel and leafy
Aloe Vera gel with food coloring 
Aloe Vera gel leave-in conditioner 
Aloe Vera gel Leaf 
How to apply fresh Aloe Vera gel on skin 

Use-Aloe Vera gel on dry skin

Use- Aloe Vera gel on dry lips

Use-Aloe Vera gel on sensitive skin

 Use-Aloe Vera gel on dry cracked heels

 Use-Aloe Vera gel as a face primer

Use- Aloe Vera gel as a overnight cream

Aloe Vera gel Skin serum
Add in 2-3 drop of lavender oil
And add 1 teaspoon of Rose oil into 5 tablespoons of aloe Vera gel then mix and apply it on your face in the morning and at night for natural glow 

I’m not forgetting about you braids sister,
Aloe Vera gel is really good for braids 
Especially for those of you who scalp itches every time you get your braids done,I personally have that problem with cornrows braids,my hair itches in the back,I usually apply little bit of aloe gel there and the itching stop.

I promise your hair will never stops growing after you use fresh aloe Vera gel for a week or so Your hair will grow like crazy.if you don’t like using fresh aloe Vera gel then try aloe Vera Gel oil,it going to be like none stop growth.

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