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Bentonite Clay Homemade Treatment

August 27, 2021

Alright beauties,I think It’s about time I do a deep scalp cleansing treatment with this Bentonite Clay,actually this hair mask can be use on both natural and relaxed hair,just make sure you don’t do this DIY treatment everyday.

Some benefits for Bentonite Clay.

Bentonite Clay is known for its clarifying-principles,It cleanses the scalp and remove build up and also detoxifies the hair plus removing dead scalp cells.


Health & Beauty Indian Healing Bentonite Clay - One cup of Clay 

Apple cider vinegar - 5% ACIDITY

3/4 6-oz - Apple cider vinegar 

100% Extra Virgin OLIVE Oil 

2- 3 tablespoons of olive oil 

PROVENCE Essentials Conditioner  Bar

The LOC METHOD NaturalHair full tutorial up on channel,don’t forget to check and see how I apply my leave-in conditioner.

Bye for now SoniaChic95 


January 18, 2021

Growing-4c-hair-is-harder-than-any-other-hair types,that’s Why you need to Set a short term goals for your kinks hair which is going to help you Focus on your natural hair grow Journey instead of being in rush for your hair to grow,My hair before and after one year ago.

Back in the days when I first when Natural this is what I was using on my hairline because my twa was so mess up and damage,actually mainly my edges Guys,it was bad off my hair I means,Rice Water is one of those diy hair grow treatments things that I will never forget because of the vitamins and minerals plus it cheap,I have tried it all rice water.from-Black rice to White rice then Brown rice/Long grain rice,

Rice Water Benefits-
It’s promote quick and faster hair growth,It’s improves hair elasticity super quick

It’s reduces split ends,It’s protect hair from damage

It’s increases Shine,It’s makes hair stronger

It’s Nourishes the scalp,HOW TO USE-

Spray directly to your scalp and massage it.every night and don’t rinse out until the next day,do this for one week because it will give your a quick results in growth,make sure to Rinse your hair with regular water the next morning then Co-wash Or condition and shampoo if needed,

I-highly-recommend-you-try-this-at-least-from-Monday to Friday and take a break-Again add in moisturizer after rinsing out the rice water

Rice grains contain 75–80 percent starch.

Rice Water Contained.

vitamin E



amino acids

B vitamins

How to use Rice water on Natural Hair

How to make black rice water for hair growth

Uncooked Rice Water for Natural hair

Your can also choose any Essentials Oils of your choice,

Cleaning Face with Rice Water is something I can still remember because back in Liberia Rice is our major Food,Rinsing hair in rice water is a traditional beauty treatment popular in some regions in Asia,make sure to add in moisturizer after rinsing out the rice water because rice water is very drying on type 4c & 4b Natural hair 

Bye for now SoniaChic95