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Nail Polishes For Days

March 3, 2021

Hello New month,Hello Nails Polish lover’s and Hello March Madness Polish’s,So I'm going to share with you guys few of my favorite cheap & expensive nail polish's that i have been used and still using'I personally love getting my nails done.-it add so much to my appearance that i usally can't stop looking at them everytime i get them done because it also bring out my feminist side which I’m very proud of.

Anyway you don’t have to get them done in the nail can easily paint them in your own home and still have a beautiful nails’it all  depends on how you polish your nails or what kind of nails Polish color you choose,because there are so many nail Polish brands out there for you to choose from,

Actually in store and online has the Cheapest to expensive's nails polishes that money can buy,from Walmart,Target, T.J. Maxx,Marshalls,sally beauty,Home Goods,Ross,etc 

As for me I’m just lover of  both expensive and cheap nails polish because I’m addicted to them,if you're nails polish lover than you will know exactly what i means by that,if you're not good for you sweetheart,because nails polish to me is like lollipop yeah laughing,my main issue with nail Polish is that I always want more kinda like the way I used to be with hair product,thank God I’m over that,technically now is just nails Polish’s obsession.

 Alright here are names of some cheap and expensive nail Polish that i used before for you to choose from,okay dokey right i like taking  pictures so you’re looking at some of the nails polishes images I took,I just wish I did not delete some of them,Alright again In order for you to understand this blog post so I divide it into two part,the names of the nails Polishes I really like using cheep and Expansive.

Anyway let’s start with these Cheap and Expensive Nail Polish’s March Madness.

Part One Expensive Nail Polishes 

Nail Paint Butter London $18.00 

Dior Couture Color Lacquer $25.00 

Smith & Cult $18.00 

ZOYA $18.00 

JIN SOON $18.00 

Part Two  Cheap Nail Polishes 


OPI Nail Polish $9.00

Swatches $12.00 



Candy Jack $7.50 

ILNP Dinner Party $10.00 

essie pinks & roses nail Polish $9.00

Now it time for some pictures,these are the photos I took while I was doing my natural nails.

Color Club nail polish, I got these beauties about 3 days ago,it is glitters mix with top Coat From the brand color club.
I actually got 3 different color,
Color Club blue glitters nail polish 
Color Club Gold Glitters nail Polish 
Color Club silver Glitters nail polish 
Color Club glitters Nail 
$7.00 each 

Nails Polish’s For DAYS 
Bye for now Soniachic95


February 5, 2021

another awesome review again,so I decided to play with these color club matte nail polish and I really like it,they are so beautiful on my skin tone,especially the purple and blue color.

Tips of the day here - Color Club Nail Polish Okay guys if you see that your nails polish is too thick add top coat,so this color club nails Lacquer can apply smoothly,I found out that some color was very thick while I was using it’ as I said add in top coat of your choice and make sure you’re not allergic to glue or latex/acetone- before using it as cuticles barrier,

Nails Products I mentioned in blog post,

Color Club Nail Lacquer

PUEEN Latex Tape

Sally Hansen-Color Therapy Top Coat

Acetone/nail Polish remover

DIY Cuticles Tape-Elmer’s Glue

China Glaze Base Coat

Nails polish Names from color club I use,just in case you decide to buy it these polishes 

Color Club Halo Hues Collection Fall 2015 Holographic Nail Lacquer Set of 7

Color Club-Disco Dress

Color Club-Holy Chic

Color Club- Cup of Cocoa

Color Club-Artsy Crafty

Color Club-Plan to Travel

Color Club-Pan the Reggae

Bye for now soniachic95

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How to make your red nail polish color pop

if you want to know how to get your red nail Polish color popping then continue reading because I got the right tips and tricks for you today,actually let me just Make one thing clear this method is not for only red nails polish,you can also Use it On other nail polishes to make it pop only if you want to.

I usually use this method to let my nails polish color pop,this way of nails painting can also helps keeping your nails polish from chipping sooner,Okay let's finish panting our nails,

First paint your natural nails with base coat then let your base coat dry before painting your nails with white nails polish then let it dry also I will suggest that you polish your nails with the red nails polish the next day and make sure to apply two coats of the red nails polish

Then thirdly apply top coat and let it dry for 1-2 hours or more,to not feel like you wasting time away turn on your favorite TV series and before you know it or makeup your mind by touching your nail it will probably be dry by then.

Try painting your nails with the white nails polish the night before or day before You're all done if only you follow the right Direction-It will be alright 

⚠️WARNING ⚠️, and.we don't want that -

Here are other images of my nails I painted them red same like the first nails I polished in this blog post.

Bye for now SoniaChic95 

Marble Nails No water

 Alright this epic nails art work that has been around for a long time and recently been trending again' it call water marble nails,the only trick here is that in today video I will not be using water,marble nails no water Needed,I personally love water marbling nails art but it can very messy especially when you are a Beginner at doing your own nails,I did explain almost everything you need to know about marble nails in tutorial,click video 

Marble Nails No Water Needed 

Bye for now SoniaChic95