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7 Valentines Day Lipstick-that May works for you-

February 12, 2021

This blog post is basically about Valentine's Day lipstick ideas obviously as you can see from the title,so I will be sharing with you 7 Red Lipstick that I Love wearing on special occasion,like valentine's day or christmas holidays,Getting your glamorous on is beautiful but if you can do it the right way that will be super awesome,


Lipstick Names Listed


 Jasmine La Belle Liquid Lipstick #05

 Kylie Jenner - KRISTEN

 • MILANI -Red Lipstick

• NYX Red Lipstick

 ROMANTIC BEAR Long -Lasting Lip

All of these Lipstick,Lipgloss,Lippies,Photography's you're Looking at is all Red,the only thing is that these red are different shades’When I was applying these Lipstick,

Lipgloss,Lippies,I did use Lipstick primal with some of them and other I didn’t use any primer just highlighter around lips Line,I also used my L.A. Girl Pro.Conceal HD with a highlighter lip brush after applying my lipstick.

Try Lips scrub and Lips Balm days before going for a red Lipstick,because red is the color of passion and adventurous,if you want your lipstick to turn out smooth I would recommend apply little of fresh aloe Vera gel or coconut oil before using your lips scrub then let the aloe gel or coconut oil to stay on your lips for 3-5 minutes,if you decide to use coconut oil or fresh aloe gel make sure to soak your lips with enough of the product you choose to use,

try not to overdo it by applying 3/5 coats of Lipstick on top of each other,I know I did over did it but because I'm a black woman in order for this Photography's to stand out so I did apply more lipstick,but I usually don't do too much.the only time I do apply more lipstick coats unless I'm going on a date night or other special occasion,-SUGGESTION

I would recommend that you use these Three Lippies if you're going on a daytime date on Valentine's Day and just want to keep it simple this is for you.

 Bite Beauty


• L'Oréal Paris


To all my dark skin sisters out there,if you're using 

the romantic bear peel off lips Tattoos make sure to apply it two times,What I means by that is to apply the first coat of the romantic bear lip tattoo then let it dry and remove it and re-apply it again,after that two 

Application if you’re not a lipstick person great or if you’re then apply it,you can either apply lipgloss as an option.because your lips is going to be super naturally red after trying out this method,

make sure to remove the romantic bear peel off lips Tattoos the second time then apply-Lipgloss

-if needed,big full lips.I.will.suggest you use thick Lipgloss. 

Don’t forget to check out tutorials for more details if needed
Happy Valentine’s Day in advance everyone!

Bye for now SoniaChic95 

Favorite winter Lipsticks

February 7, 2021

So as I can tell we are still in winter wonderland because this morning it was 32 degree then the temperature drop down to 29 degree again and so on,alright around this time of the year this is when I like to use these kind of Lipstick,actually the red Lipsticks Looks is more on holidays seasonal and Valentine’s Day looks,Nudes lipstick on the other hand Looks more natural on me’Well officially I decided to Share with you guys my current winter favorite Lipsticks,from me to you on these cold month,

Oh well Choosing the right lipsticks brands can get difficult sometimes,So Here is my favorite cold weather months Lipstick must have from December to February,use Both matte lipstick and the lip primer to give you an extra color so that you can get that amazing finish result on your lips.

Jasmine La Belle nudes 
Lipstick- Liquid Lipstick
 Kylie Jenner Matte Liquid Lipstick

L’Oreal Paris New Rouge Signature Lipstick-Lippies 
I’m worth it #426
I create #416
I rule #414

Bye for now SoniaChic95 

The balmjour creamy lip stain review/Swatches

February 5, 2021

Welcome back to SoniaChic95 website,who say lipstick can’t be a girl best friend,almost everyone always saying diamonds are a girl best friend oh Well seriously lipstick can be too,alright ladies I finally fall in love with a Lippies that feels and looks just thick lipgloss,actually I’m really amazed by the names and what this Lippies can do and by the way the product is rich in five beautiful natural looking colors,with names like these who say I need to be call me maybe or Diamonds,the following are my favorite lips stains and it call 

THE BalmJour Creamy Lip Stains 

in this package there are five creamy lip stains and it is in different different languages- here’s are the name, 


theBalm theBalmJour Long Lasting Waterproof Lip Stain

isn’t it so CoOL? 

Before I forget let me just give you the price- is $35.00 and you can also get it for under 20-25 Dallas,it all depends on where you at or where you buy it from please keep in mind these Opinions are my own.

Bye for now SoniaChic95 

How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

February 2, 2021

 So I’ve been cleaning my makeup brushes all the wrong ways’ been using Shampoo and dish soap to get of the old makeup germs from my brushes and it been taking forever to get it clean,but i did use it anyway’ until yesterday I wanted to shop and while I was shopping in ULTA beauty,i found this the makeup brush Shampoo and the brush egg as soon as I saw it my eyes just light up to this makeup brush cleaners Shampoo and brushegg,this is it oh yep,

ECOTOOLS Makeup Brush Shampoo,For weekly deep Cleanse, Free of parabens and phthalates dermatologist tested hypoallergenic removes more than 90% of makeup and brush egg can be purchase online check amazon or in the store.
So I decided to try out this pretty girl on my dirty boy brushes’ so ladies let’t get started

It’s all mine and it’s dirty brushes & beauty blending sponges

In this brushes cleaning post all I’m going to be using is hot water and warm water and the brush cleaning Shampoo,pour some hot water in a clean bowl and add 2-3 drops of ECOTOOLS cleanser Shampoo,you can choose to just use warm water or hot water for the first cleaning.

I first put in the bigger brushes and add some  ECOTOOLS Shampoo cleanser and then I soak it for 1-2 minute than squeeze the brushes using my fingers to clean the brushe bristles as if I were washing my hair.

after cleaning the bigger brushes this is how the water looks like,so after I was done washing my bigger brushes then I put in my smaller brushes and this is the second water looks like.

time for the beauty blender sponge o.m.g,this is so obvious that the beauty sponge is the dirtiest and nastiest among these makeup tools.this is the first water -

I did put all the brushes in.

Bigger Brushes 
smaller Brushes 
Beauty blender 

Second cleaning all the brushes and the Beauty sponges is the last in this water again.

After cleaning all the brushes and the third water I rinsed  them in,You can Finish the cleaning off with hot water or warm water/rinse/don’t forget to let your clean brushes and beauty blender air dry before using it,Sometimes it takes 1-2 days to dry that why you should not wash all your brushes at once.

All my makeup tools is now pretty clean’ the big pink lips sponge is not looking right I will have to put it in the trash can’ bye bye pink lips,now it’s time to play with makeup I hope you enjoyed the brushes & sponges cleaning With clean brushes like these that is why I would stop smiling.check out tutorials for more details

Bye for now soniachic95

Lipstick + Swatches

January 30, 2021

Hey beauties,welcome back again'so I've been MIA for a while now,not sure if you noticed or not,but I'm back for good and the reason why I have not been blogging is that We are moving from Texas to North Carolina that's is a lots of work and I'm sure we are not done yet but I will try to make some time for you guys every now and then so please stick around if you can,alright I’m a Lipstick crazy Lady and I own almost 75 lipsticks,some may say WHAT are other may say awesome but you who think that freaking awesome cool come along let’s Get on the Lipstick ship,

if you watched this full video to the end you might know just little about my Lipstick problem,actually I try to hide it but the secret is out of the bag,

Lipstick Swatches Video 

So GUYS I decided to swatched 12 Lipstick and I end up using just 11 off my favorites Lipstick because my camera when dead,anyway no worries because on this blog I will be sharing lots of lips product,


City color : lip Gloss plum lipstick

City color : lip Gloss : brillant lipstick

Black Radiance #5117


True Matte Lipstick ( Broadway Color) D MLS18: name-where’s Nemo

True Matte Lipstick ( Broadway Color) 

DMLS16 Name-Chalice

BITE Beauty Lipstick: name-Red Velvet

BITE Beauty Lipstick: name-Cava

REVLON UlTRA HD Lipstick #860 HD Hibiscus

BC matte lipstick - light pink

NYX LIQUID: Cream Lipstick 

#LSCL15 # Run the World


Wet n Wild Megalast : LIQUID Catsuit-matte 

lipstick #& 924B Rebel Rose

City color : Lipstick-rouge

L’Oréal Paris Lipstick #407 Name LIYA’S RED

Bye for now SoniaChic95 


 Hello Beauties,welcome back to another VoxBox blogging,so it been few months since I received a Box from Influenster but I’m glad it’s finally here,

The #ChicVoxBox,

So there was 4 products I received for testing out from Influenster woohoo wow.ChicVoxBox

So guys today I will be sharing my thoughts on these products,So the first item that is in my Vox Box is eos: evolution of smooth dry skin/

I’m currently using this eos shaving cream,so this is my first shaving cream I used,I been wanting to use shaving cream like forever but I’ve been reading bad bad reviews on it and I also have sensitive skin that is why I did not use it before,all I will say this product work perfectly on me and it only $3.99 And the second one is

NYX Worth the hype volumizing & 

Lengthening Mascara $8.00,

I’m really satisfied with this mascara the results are amazing, photos taken before and after,my new holy grail mascara,this brush bristles is everything to me Let’s apply this worth the hype Mascara it separates every bit of my little baby lashesThe third one is 

korres) pomegrante Ahas & 

Enzymes Resurfacing Face mask,$34.00 

I’m love this stuff, this contains pomegrante Ahas which I really like,it’s is a Face Mask that makes me feel so good God I’m so thankful to Influenster

Fourth and the last one Hair Food moisture Shampoo & conditioner infused honey Apricot fragrance $9.99 I really like how this hair food smells like Apricot,it is great for normal to dry hair,overall I really like the conditioner

This shampoo Sample was very little for me,I actually didn’t have much to use because of my big hair,but I will say one thing that I really love about this shampoo,is the apricot smell that is in it,if you happened to have soft wavy hair this sample might do you some good.

I will be posting more pictures of all of these products on Facebook page-click the link to check it out,all of these products I just reviewed is available at Influenster

Bye for now soniachic95