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Thanks for joining me on SoniaChic95 Website,These are some of my handmade Accessories are make at home,

satin Bonnets and other Hair Accessories,these silk satin clothes are so amazing on Natural Hair From Satin Bonnets,scrunchies,Hair Ties,Hair Bows,Hair pins,Headbands,Head Wraps and there are so many more Hair Accessories to be added on this Website,

Alright all these hair accessories are my 

favorite and they are so Beautiful,is it just me seeing the beauty in these goodies,alright True be told I personally don’t sleep at night without my satin bonnet.maybe because I’m so use to doing my little night routine.

Seriously oh yes,here are Few Reasons Why you should sleep with a satin Bonnet:Natural Hair Queens.Wearing a bonnet helps prevent friction while you sleep at night,therefore reducing the amount of frizz when you wake up,Having your hair protected all eviates stress and helps to prevent split ends and stop dryness,wild sleeper should love SATIN BONNET.

This is what You should do to Protect your Hair while sleeping, 

*Do twists or braids

*Put them in a pineapple

*Use a silk or satin pillow case

*Use a silk or satin bonnet or headscarf

Ladies with kinky natural hair have a lot of issues with moisture retention,because our hair dries out really fast,I for one have had a lot of issues locking in moisture due to my hair being low porosity that why I’m always wearing satin hat or bonnet if I’m not going out.Your hair stays moisturized and hydrated and it will thank you for that just be using satin clothe in your hair routine.

Headbands For DAYS & CROWNS

The scrunchies Queen.
Have you tried 20 scrunchies at once?
This is not my work but you can still shop 

One of the keys to hair growth is length retention,Protect your hair from breakage while you sleep at night with CrownHairQueens Satin Bonnet set.

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Bye For now SoniaChic95 


  1. In short, how cute accessories are useful to be comfortable, but with style!

  2. These are great tips, I keep meaning to look at silk pillow cases. I love the scrunchies!

  3. It's important to keep the hair from breaking. That thwarts growth faster than anything I know!

  4. Nikki Wayne02:56

    They all look so great. Gosh I love these.

  5. Ooh these all look so awesome, thanks for sharing!

  6. These accessories are so cute and I would to buy these for me and for my daughter.

  7. Oh dear, you are so talented and creative. Very nice and cute accessories. Do you see in Amazon?

  8. Those hair accessories look so soft and beautiful. Wow! Such creativity!

  9. Wow, what diverse and useful products you have for one's hair. They have many purposes! Wonderful!

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