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HeY You Beautiful,welcome to SoniaChic95’the premier destination for our website,the number one site for Natural Hair Care and Braids Hairstyles Lover’s to get style inspiration tips and beauty tricks plus healthier lifestyle,Since 2012 I’ve been sharing tutorials for black women Hair,

my name Is SONIA and I’ve been Natural for over 7 years then recently I just did my second big chop and I’m growing it back again,

so you’re going to be getting information from me based on my experience because this Website is Dedicated To sharing Information about Natural Hair Care and Braids Hairstyles,I’ve been braiding my own natural hair since I was 7 years old,actually this natural hair guru and Braider does not just style hair she also encourage and Inspire other Natural Hair Lover’s,

I also do handmade Hair accessories from home,are you looking for a Satin bonnet?to protect your natural hair or braids hairstyles,oh Well Luckier for you I have my whole satin Bonnets and other Hair Accessories collections on this website for you to check out.

Self made Liberian Sister Living in the U.S.A.plus Liberian YouTuber.If you want to know more about black woman hair or just want to share your experiences while being Natural,Oh well awesome because I would love to connect with You Queen,Question,comment/or Video request for my YouTube channel and if you would like to be featured on this blog,let me know on here or

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come on and pick your favorite latest Natural Hairstyles trends Over 1000 Pin.photos From my Pinterest Board-


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My Goal is to help others black woman Embrace their natural hair and take control of it..

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  1. Those are great homemade bonnets and accessories! Nice to meet you and check out your blog.

  2. Those satin bonnets are beautiful. I love the color and the material, I bet they are comfy too.

  3. It's very nice to get to know the person behind the blog. The bonnets are beautiful!

  4. I love all the colors. So vibrant and unique.

  5. Lots of great tips here and a wonderful blog for those wanting to learn more about hair care using your tips and experience

  6. Beautiful work...I love the satin material but the designs and colors are so pretty too!

  7. I absolutely love that you're sharing natural hair care tips and styles! I know I'd definitely benefit from it since I have a difficult time doing my hair as it is. Also I love those bonnets!