How To DIY Shea butter NaturalHair

September 24, 2021

 Alright we all know winter is coming very soon,that’s why I decided to share the benefits on Africa Shea butter for you Queens,actually this DIY Shea butter whipped cream works on both Natural and relaxed Hair and also in the summer plus winter time,

Keep on reading or watch tutorial for more details on Africa Shea Shea on hair benefits.


These days people tend to argue about Shea butter claiming the white is better than the yellow or otherwise.Well I'm here to tell you more about this after living in one of the country that Africa Shea butter is made from,Ghana- 

QUICK NOTE - Actually I’m from Liberia and I was living and schooling in Ghana back in the good old days and currently I’m living in The land of Milk and honey,of course United States of America.

Alright I’m right back on this DIY Africa Shea butter  whipped cream topic,as I was saying Shea butter is amazing and wonderful it is very good for skin but I really like using it on my natural hair because it can be use on both hair and skin.


Shea butter is naturally rich in vitamins A,E and F which offers UV protection and provides the hair with fatty acids and nutrients necessary for total moisture,Shea Butter are popular in the hair and skin care because of the moisture it brings to the table,


1. Leaves the hair feeling soft

2. antioxidants and healing properties

3. Locks in moisture in hair

4. Soothes an irritated Scalp

6. Protects the hair from sun damage

7. Remove dandruff 

8. repair split ends

9. Promotes Healthy Hair 

10. Gives hair shine and bounce 

Shea butter is produced from the SHEA TREE which grows mostly in arid /desert /dry landed area and this allows shea butter to suck as much moisture as it can from the environment which makes the butter creamy and wax like in nature. 

There are FOUR TYPES of Shea butter 

The first one is the YELLOW SHEA BUTTER. from West Africa. Its not bright yellow it's usually PALE /FAINT YELLOW and what gives it it's yellow colour is that during extraction,is that the borotutu tree root is added for it's extra nutrients and benefits so a YELLOW Shea butter is considered original. 

Another butter which is similar to the yellow Shea butter is AFRICAN KPANGNAN BUTTER gotten from the BUTTER TREE.It's usually found in Togo,Benin and Sierra Leone The only difference is that butter tree grows in tropical and rainy regions this gives the butter a hard and grainy texture and it's usually MUSTARD YELLOW in colour.It is known as RUVER BUTTER.It's beneficial, healthy and moisturizing to use for hair and skin even to eat but it's NOT Shea butter.

Another Shea butter from West Africa is the white Shea butter,it's not clear white or bright white It's more like beige or ivory in colour,in lay man's words it's OFF WHITE in colour and it's considered original too... 

There's another Shea butter which is from EAST AFRICA in Northern Uganda and Sudan called the Shea nilotica which is softer than the West Africa Shea butter and it has less antioxidants,and more soft and more cream compared to West African Shea butter 

The final type of Shea butter is the refined Shea butter... It's usually nice to use on hair and skin care but not good to eat cause it has only moisturizing properties and it has lost most of its nutritional value.This Shea butter is usually PURE WHITE in colour.

Bye for now SoniaChic95