5 Natural Hair Hacks

June 30, 2021

1, If you have KINKY hair,BRAIDS it EVERY TIME YOU finish WASHING IT,Might seem like common sense,but not many Naturalistas braids the hair when it is wet,This method helps keep your hair stretch Naturally without using heat and also prevents tangles especially if you’re a person who always air your hair.

2, Sleep with your hair in a satin bonnet every night.try using the one with hairband instead of elastic satin bonnet and you should also avoid putting your elastic satin bonnet on your hairline.

3, Whatever you do,DO NOT DRY YOUR HAIR WITH A TOWEL,use T-Shirt instead.this will help stop frizziness and dryness.

4, Using DIY product on your hair, can really contribute to fast growth for people who is looking for fast growth,If you feel like your have been in an uphill battle for a long time with your natural hair ,oh Well try incorporating Massage into your hair routine After using DIY Homemade product.

5,  almost every Naturalistas will say satin Bonnets should be your bestie but most ladies don’t know that we should have 1-2 satin bonnet,because you will need one satin bonnet for night and the other for day time,this will really help you not to rush  doing your hair if you’re going somewhere and didn’t do your hair on time.

this is the Bonus tips,as I was saying massage is very good for hair growth,and I always love to do my massage with essential oils,alright we all know about essential but some people don’t know which ones that can stimulate hair growth, that why I got you cover with some of my favorite hair boosting hair grow oils,To grow your edges faster it can be a struggle that’s why you need to be careful on how you handle those little baby hairline.

And one more thing don’t forget to always use carry oil with your essential oils while mixing and before using.

List of these Carry Oils I like using 

Coconut oil 

Almond Oil 

Avocado oil 

Peanut oil

Castor oil 

List of these essential oils I like using

Lavender oil 

Rosemary oil 

Peppermint oil 

Cedarwood oil 

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Bye for now SoniaChic95.