Summer Colorful braids

March 25, 2021

Mostly a lot of you ladies like to braids your hair in the winter month but unfortunately we can’t use these beautiful colorful braids extension,Okay right you can use them in the winter month if you want to,but me personally i prefer colorful stuff in summer especially colorful  hair,

 Summer sunshine will soon be here that’s why I put together all these gorgeous colorful braids for you to choose from,actually I know we are still in spring but it is really good to Plan ahead,One of the amazing part about braids and summer time is that you get to keep you hair in a protective style and go swimming plus there are so many braids hairstyles to choose from, For example

twists,crochet braids,Senegalese twists,box braids,and marley twists,Box Braids.

Rainbow Box Braids
Almost like rainbow first braids and second braids is definitely rain check,alright rainbow braids.

What is better than rainbow braid? This is also a great choice for summer especially since almost everyone -spirit Is down right now because of the cov19,I feel like this braids hairstyles will definitely bring smile to someone face.

Red hot Mini twists-the color is so beautiful especially the way this Braider did it so neatly. 
Deep Blue and Light Extension 
This blue Extension is one of the hair I will be mixing in my braids this coming summer 
Top Knots Box Braids
Mix color braids always looks awesome to me especially the bright ones,actually this particular ombre braids looks so  mind blowing mainly the pink and black 
Wearing colorful hair is a big deal,because this kind of colors calls for more attention,I’m not saying that people who wear colorful hair are looking for attention,Actually I’m simply saying these calls out lots of attention’so make sure to wear it with confident not to second guess you see in this particular photo,she knows what she want’bold and beautiful.
Rainbow And LOC Braids 

This braids is so cute I have no words to describe.But it does take awhile to achieve,so make sure you have enough time before trying to do this hairstyle on yourself

Biggest Sizes Box Braids 

Pick your favorite color
Yellow Box Braids 

She looks fresh and feels fresh,that is why she can’t stop smiling,yellow is always a happy color that is why lots of people will choose yellow over anything else,who said you can’t go bold with hair?

Mix Colorful Box Braids

two strand twist
Ombré Box Braids
Another Colorful Box Braids

This is one of my favorites becuase it just looks so pretty and works with any plain outfit.

Blonde and Silver Box Braids 
Dark Green Box Braids 
Black and pink braids 
Ghana cornrows braids 
Blue,Orange,Light Blue
Bye for now SoniaChic95

All Time Favorite Beauty Product

March 6, 2021

Hello You,If you’re new here welcome to SoniaChic95 website or if this is your second or third time welcome home again,I will be sharing with you my favorites products I’ve been using for one to two years now and still loving,they are all one of a kind and so good that why I have decided even if these products that I’m currently still using finish I will definitely rebuy it again,my actual holy grail collection products that I trust and will repeatedly go back to.

1 : FIRST AID BEAUTY- ULTRA REPAIR CREAM Intense Hydration Skin Protectant,Use To: help hydrate dry skin,it also heals dry cracked heels’okay seriously this cream is for multiple purpose.Check out one of  my old weird VIDEO For More Info on this CREAM Plus Body Scrub,

Okay guys this video was created last year February,all of these products was my February favorite product and now I’m still using them that alone can tell you how much I love using these goodies.Seriously February favorite beauty product turn into March Madness Favorite product again. Shops here for FIRST AID BEAUTY- ULTRA REPAIR CREAM


2, BEAUTY SOAP CO.CASTOR OIL AFRICA BLACK SOAP-For Hair & Body- everyone knows black Africa is awesome in skin care,It has mainly proved time in time again,from people’s in Africa and the people’s all over the world,I’m crazy about black Africa soap myself because the way it works it magic,back in Liberia during the war there was no other soap to use so I learn to love black Africa soap,actually I was so young that I did not know the benefits for using black Africa soap,we even use to wash our clothes with black Africa soap,now I’m a grown-up adult I now know the full benefits for using Africa black soap,so all in all every time i decide to buy a product that has black Africa soap in it I know that from the get go it going to be good,Alright I have done a lots of Diy with black Africa soaps,okay speaking of DIYs this is just one of the many I have make myself,the next image is the Diy I make with black Africa soap for skin and hair,my inspiration came from BEAUTY SOAP CO.CASTOR OIL AFRICA BLACK.

DIY Body & Hair Cleanser new image

3, LANCÔME MATTE SHAKER Liquid Lipstick and this MONSIEUR MASCARA-is seriously my number one favorite expensive brand product,I actually got these two together,this mini Duets is so super amazing-lip tint and mascara,

Lancôme MON SIEUR BIG Mascara 

If you love a flutter of voluminous on your natural eyelashes,then consider Lancôme’s MON SIEUR BIG mascara your new best friend,because it will make your natural lashes looks fully and the bristles are awesomely amazing.


This light lipstick color are very excellent for people who like bare looks and it also very pigment,who doesn’t love natural looks when it comes to makeup,all in all I just love LANCÔME MATTE SHAKER Liquid Lipstick!

Bye for now SoniaChic95 

Nail Polishes For Days

March 3, 2021

Hello New month,Hello Nails Polish lover’s and Hello March Madness Polish’s,So I'm going to share with you guys few of my favorite cheap & expensive nail polish's that i have been used and still using'I personally love getting my nails done.-it add so much to my appearance that i usally can't stop looking at them everytime i get them done because it also bring out my feminist side which I’m very proud of.

Anyway you don’t have to get them done in the nail can easily paint them in your own home and still have a beautiful nails’it all  depends on how you polish your nails or what kind of nails Polish color you choose,because there are so many nail Polish brands out there for you to choose from,

Actually in store and online has the Cheapest to expensive's nails polishes that money can buy,from Walmart,Target, T.J. Maxx,Marshalls,sally beauty,Home Goods,Ross,etc 

As for me I’m just lover of  both expensive and cheap nails polish because I’m addicted to them,if you're nails polish lover than you will know exactly what i means by that,if you're not good for you sweetheart,because nails polish to me is like lollipop yeah laughing,my main issue with nail Polish is that I always want more kinda like the way I used to be with hair product,thank God I’m over that,technically now is just nails Polish’s obsession.

 Alright here are names of some cheap and expensive nail Polish that i used before for you to choose from,okay dokey right i like taking  pictures so you’re looking at some of the nails polishes images I took,I just wish I did not delete some of them,Alright again In order for you to understand this blog post so I divide it into two part,the names of the nails Polishes I really like using cheep and Expansive.

Anyway let’s start with these Cheap and Expensive Nail Polish’s March Madness.

Part One Expensive Nail Polishes 

Nail Paint Butter London $18.00 

Dior Couture Color Lacquer $25.00 

Smith & Cult $18.00 

ZOYA $18.00 

JIN SOON $18.00 

Part Two  Cheap Nail Polishes 


OPI Nail Polish $9.00

Swatches $12.00 



Candy Jack $7.50 

ILNP Dinner Party $10.00 

essie pinks & roses nail Polish $9.00

Now it time for some pictures,these are the photos I took while I was doing my natural nails.

Color Club nail polish, I got these beauties about 3 days ago,it is glitters mix with top Coat From the brand color club.
I actually got 3 different color,
Color Club blue glitters nail polish 
Color Club Gold Glitters nail Polish 
Color Club silver Glitters nail polish 
Color Club glitters Nail 
$7.00 each 

Nails Polish’s For DAYS 
Bye for now Soniachic95