How to make your red nail polish color pop

February 5, 2021

if you want to know how to get your red nail Polish color popping then continue reading because I got the right tips and tricks for you today,actually let me just Make one thing clear this method is not for only red nails polish,you can also Use it On other nail polishes to make it pop only if you want to.

I usually use this method to let my nails polish color pop,this way of nails painting can also helps keeping your nails polish from chipping sooner,Okay let's finish panting our nails,

First paint your natural nails with base coat then let your base coat dry before painting your nails with white nails polish then let it dry also I will suggest that you polish your nails with the red nails polish the next day and make sure to apply two coats of the red nails polish

Then thirdly apply top coat and let it dry for 1-2 hours or more,to not feel like you wasting time away turn on your favorite TV series and before you know it or makeup your mind by touching your nail it will probably be dry by then.

Try painting your nails with the white nails polish the night before or day before You're all done if only you follow the right Direction-It will be alright 

⚠️WARNING ⚠️, and.we don't want that -

Here are other images of my nails I painted them red same like the first nails I polished in this blog post.

Bye for now SoniaChic95 


  1. I never thought of applying white BEFORE red- I'm going to have to try that!

  2. These are super helpful tips thanks for sharing these tips. im terrible at applying nail polish

  3. Well isn't that a smart idea, love it!

  4. I sometimes have the problem that I start too late and have to hurry with doing my nails - that's when you touch them too soon :)

  5. Dang! Those nails are ON FIRE!!!! I love it! I need that coz I easily chip my nails.

  6. The nail colors are really popping! This made me miss painting my nails.

  7. Love the outcome! Those are great tips.

  8. I did not know this method, but it seems quite reasonable to me, because when painting a picture you also have to first paint the canvas in white.