My favorite New outfits

January 28, 2021

 Sometimes the cheapest things is the most prettiers and cuties things,so I went Walmart today and I just couldn’t resist on buying this cheap outfits so I did and I really do like it”than I thought to myself maybe I could just take a few minutes to blog about this cheap goodies 

fashionable stuff i got,sure yep me saying to myself,of course I’m talking to myself again like I alway do,please don’t think that I’m crazy,ooh well I’m just little too crazy for me and myself.okay enough already of my crazy talk, let’s get into this blog posting,so I did blog it and also hope you do like it like I do,

Shopping Tips of the day

If you’re a person who is into finding and buying cheap things I will recommend you tried out Ross and Walmart store,cause that is where I brought almost all of my cheap goodies stuff from

other suggestions Deals 

  1. Check budget
  2. Clearances racks
  3. Sale deals
  4. Wholesale
  5. Coupons
  6. Look for sale 80% to 90% off
Shopping for deals can really help you save money,we all need extra cash in our pocket.

me showing off with my cheap new outfit
I always try to be goofy but I really don’t know how to beeee,okay at least try ha ha laugh out loud.

And I’m just trying to be normal here guys which I’m not, the good thing is that I finally found a outfit that I really like and I can’t stop laughing,who says we can’t be happy?And that’s the smile she was looking for,because  you’re never fully dressed without a smile so say- SIA

Seasons comes and goes while is gone it is time to shop for real deals,now go get your steals deals,More Tips on how to shops for deals commet below.

Bye for now SoniaChic95 


  1. So cute. You know how to style yourself very well!

  2. I like the purple top. It looks cute on you.

  3. You look great. That top is a perfect colour for you. I do love to get a bargain when shopping.