10 Trending Braids Hairstyles

January 22, 2021

 Hello Naturalistas worldwide and happy Friday yay,so I’m just enjoying and feeling these braids hairstyles,isn’t it gorgeous”Alright Braids hairstyle are perfect for the cold weather,because during the winter months some of us Naturalistas experience a lot of dryness in our hair and that is when we really need to get those butter and cream out to do a protective hairstyling,Personally I like to do protective hairstyle on a clean hair,when I say clean hair this is what I means by that,

Pre poo treatment 

Clarifying my hair with shampoo

Deep conditioner and detangling my hair then I 

Rinse out the product and then I usually dry my hair with t-shirt before applying my leave-in conditioner and cornrows braids my hair,then the next day I also go in with butter and cream kinda the loc method but is not,I just try to keep my hair well moisturizer while is under the extensions,

Okay beauties enough about me,let me show you these beautiful hairstyles images that I took from all over the web.

Knot Box braids
Light purple Box Braids 
two strand twists 

Knotless Braids 
Ghana Cornrows Braids

Medium size Box Braids 
Both Box Braids Black and Blonde 

French Braids 

Knotless Box Braids and small cornrows Braids 

what kind of protective Braids hairstyle are you doing this winter or which one of these hairstyles did you do?this is how your braids should Look,after your hairstylist is done doing your braids’clean and fresh looking.

Bonus- here are the edge control I’m in love with this Januready month,it works great on braids and natural hair -okay Stay ready for it - stay ready for it there a goes,one.


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All Credits goes to Original Owner.I do NOT intend to steal but promote creativity.

Bye for now SoniaChic95 


  1. I am loving the purple in the braids near the start of this post. I have always wanted to be able to do braids or even simple plates but i find it hurts my fingers manipulating them in such a way


  2. I've always wanted to have lots of beautiful thick hair to enjoy these hairstyles that I love. I'm Caucasian but I can still be in love with it and want to show it off true "^^

  3. These are super awesome! The different styles are gorgeous.

  4. These are all great styles; I'm not sure which is my favorite! I like the box braids a lot, with the fabric woven into the hair.

  5. These braids look so beautiful! I wish I had long hair so I could do styles like this on them.

  6. My jaw dropped with all these beautiful braids.Looks a ton of detailed work. My favorite is the Ghana Cornrows Braids, so so gorgeous!

  7. Wow these are gorgeous! I think my favorites are the ones that really make art out of the places of visible scalp showing like the two-strand twists, knotless braids and Knotless Box Braids and small cornrows Braids.

  8. These are all beautiful braids. My fave is the french braid.

  9. These are all do nice. My daughters just got their braids and now they are asking for new ones already. I'll show them these and let them chose. Thanks for posting.