My Short Natural Hair Routine pt2

January 18, 2021

Hello YOU,welcome back to SoniaChic95 blog.I will be sharing with you my hair routine/second big chop series part two,it’s going to be about my full Natural Hair Tutorial or continue reading.

Clarifying-shampooing is when you getting rid of product buildup on your scalp.I only do this twice a month.if I’m not using Clarifying shampoo then I’m either using apple cider vinegar,I mix apple cider vinegar and water then put it into a spray bottle and spray it all my hair and scalp,then I usually cover my hair with shower cap and let the mixture stay in for 30-45 minutes and I rinse out with warm water.

Daily Basic Routine-start off by thoroughly wetting my dry teeny weeny Afro Or short Afro hair with lukewarm water to prepare hair for shampooing.

SHAMPOO-When I shampoo,I use the SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Shampoo it is sulfate,silicone,and paraben free.and I only put it on my scalp.I also make sure to massage it into my scalp since it is more like clarifying shampoo.

Quick tips: mainly focus on shampooing your scalp and roots,that's where hair products and oils tend to build-up,then let the shampoo rinse down your coils strands when you’re rinse out the shampoo.

DEEP CONDITIONER-Deep Conditioning is really good for dry hair,It has many benefits like keeps your dry hair moisturized,can restore damage and also makes your dry hair super softer etc,I leave My Carol’s Daughters Rhassoul Clay-Softening hair mask in for 30-45 minutes then.

I use a wide tooth comb to detangle in the shower,since my hair is short it takes less then 10 minutes with deep conditioner to detangleFun Fact: then I Rinse my hair with cold cold water- which helps closes the hair follicles and reduce frizz and also lock in moisture. 

DRYING TIME/MY HAIR -I usually use a microfiber towel or a cotton T-shirt to dry my hair,Before my hair dries,I usually apply product to help my coils to simply hydrate and nourish these kinks of mine. 

CONDITIONER & OIL-use natural oil when you can-whether its Jamaica black castor or argan Oil are so good for putting moisture back in your hair,I try using them in my leave-conditioner other time I use my DIY ME Moringa Powder Oil for growth.

Or you can select the Products of your choice like just Leave-in conditioner or Curly Girl defining cream and rub it through your curls-if your hair is very dry spray little bit of water and apply a bit of olive oil after finish rubbing in your leave-in conditioner before applying your defining cream or gel.

then I use my Styling gel to add definitions to my coils.I apply gel all over my hair.then I use the Afro Twisting sponge,spray water if needed while twisting your hair with the sponge,make sure to add enough twisting cream or butter because the sponge suck of some off the products out of the hair while using it,

I Always Air dry my hair Because it is very beneficial for my natural hair.
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i have 4c & 4b hair so this routine might not work for y'all have type 3a hair 
Bye for now SoniaChic95

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