My Look Book

January 29, 2021

So as the years change so does the fashion and new trends are set in fashion all over the world.Here are few of my favorite outfits,Oh welcome to my Look Book these outfits can be wear at almost any season,apart from the short soft blue Jean jumpsuit,all these ideas are my own ways of styling these outfits,

At least I try to make it stylish for you and me,now let’s do this’anyway if you’re still on the hunt for more fashion style of mine then here are full tutorial on me trying out these Looks My Look Book

Styling My favourite outfits

  1. – Store + Outfits –
  2. Black Lace Dress- Ross
  3. Cream and Black Dress Ross
  4. Classic black Silk skirt- Forever 21
  5. Seasonal dress Jumpsuit- Target
  6. Comfortable soft blue Jumpsuit- Target
  7. Shoes-TJ Maxx & Home Goods 

I know this is a very basic outfits looks but you can also swatches of these clothing with some accessories and also change the color to your preference or what you already have.

Bye for now SoniaChic95  


  1. You look so good in all the pictures of your look book. I definitely need to start something like this.

  2. My wife would love this mixed-matched outfit.

  3. Anonymous06:49

    absolutely love the basic look - black and white is my favorite combo. Denise

  4. Simple and stylish outfits! You rocked all of them! I love neutrals!

  5. Wow thats an adorable and lovely look book. In fact a great idea, never thought about it.

  6. Looking good friend, great look book!

  7. So chic! I love all the styles here but the black skirt and white top are the best

  8. I love your lookbook. My favorite is definitely the black lace dress.