Knots and Tangles Problems FIX

January 18, 2021

 Are you tired of knots and tangles?

Having to deal with tangles and single-knots is not a joke,this is the time where most naturalists enjoy their hair wash routines especially if they have teeny weeny Afro,because I usually don’t detangle my hair at this stage in my natural hair Journey but when my hair starts growing and getting bigger or longer that’s is when we really need to worried about detangling because it very important if you’re planning on growing a long healthy hair

I usually use to find myself getting more and more frustrated during my first Natural hair Journey that’s why I decided to talk about this topic before some of you gets there again, 

That’s why I’m going to be sharing with you guys these few  newest tips/tricks on detangling Natural hair 

I would really like to know if any of you guys detangle your natural hair this way-Okay alright this is the other ways I detangle my natural hair-

If I’m not using conditioner & oil to detangle my hair oh Well I’m either using Apple cider vinegar and water mix to detangle Because this is another easy breezy way to detangle matted hair,

Warning ⚠️ 

The smell of apple cider vinegar can be very strong and not appealing at all but it will get the job done Really quick especially if you have tangles and matted hair.

Add 10 -10 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to 3 tablespoons of water then mix,

This measurement is depends on the person hair lengths long or short hair.after trying this measurement then you will find out how many of the ACVWM you will need next time- pour mixture into a spray bottle,

I usually apple cider vinegar in 3 different ways, 

This method works on twa,medium,long,hair  

I, Sections hair in smaller bundles,

2, take one bundle of hair from one section and spray apple cider vinegar mixture on it

3, massage vinegar mixture into hair thoroughly all over your hair from roots to tips 

4, cover with plastic cap for 5-10 minutes when it is twa,

when it is medium length 10-15 minutes 

When it is shoulder length 15-20 minutes 

It is also depends on how tangle your hair are.

5, then comb through from tips to root gently Until hair is all detengled

6, wash and style natural hair & enjoy your crown

Here are Some benefits for Apple cider vinegar on hair

It balances PH,seals hair cuticles,reduces hair damage,cleanses the scalp,adds shine hair,and it will improve the overall health of your hair and scalp.


Do your hair strands cuddle each other often?Are they unwilling to part ways?Tangled hair can be a frustrating thing to deal with.Your hair could be a tangled mess no matter what you do sometimes.Heat styling tools,blow-drying,bad hair washing techniques, and certain hairstyles can cause tangled hair.But,using the correct conditioning products that are suitable for your hair can help promote hydration,which in turn can prevent your hair from tangling.

Here is a list of ways you can stop your tresses from getting tangled up. Take a look!

Table Of Contents

How To Stop Your Hair From Tangling

Tips To Reduce Knots And Tangles

What Causes Hair Tangling?

What Causes Hair Tangling?

There could be a few reasons why your hair is constantly -tangling.Hair texture,frequency of brushing,exposure to wind,as well as the health of your hair can all contribute to matting.Your hair is more likely to tangle due to:

1, Not Combing Your Hair

Not brushing daily is a major threat to your hair. Eventually,it will create kinks in your hair. With no combing, the oil or residue that is built up over time can disrupt the health of your hair. Some people only detangle the ends of their hair and fail to detangle the knots at the roots.Improper detangling of hair can further cause more tangles and knots.

2, Untrimmed Dry Ends

Going long periods without trimming your hair results in split ends and frizzy hair.Dry ends also tend to break easily.And once your hair splits,it cannot be repaired.It remains dry and causes tons of frizz in your hair. Dry, frizzy strands and split ends can tangle your hair easily.

3, Lack Of Moisture

When your hair lacks moisture,it leads to friction and tension,which then causes tangles.The outer layers of your hair shaft break,which results in a rough and damaged look.Lack of hydration can also deteriorate the condition of your hair.

4, Sleeping With Your Hair Down

Sleeping without braiding or tying your hair up can lead to some serious tangles.Hair tangling can be caused by the friction between hair strands.If you leave your hair down, the hair cuticles rub against each other while you sleep,Another major no-no is going to bed with wet hair. Hair is most fragile when it is wet.It can get frizzy quickly and break easily.The tangles caused by lying down with damp hair are a nightmare as they are rigid and tough to remove.

5, Damaged Cuticles

Constantly heat styling or blow-drying can make your hair shafts break and cause friction,resulting in knots. When your hair is damaged,its external layers get scraped off,leaving the inner layer (the cortex) exposed and unprotected.This accelerates the damage to your cuticles.

Another way I detangle my natural hair”Actually when my hair is long this is the method,

Alright this tutorial is old but you will still get a good benefits from watching it because I share about three different ways to detangle natural hair 
Next post is going to be about shampooing.

Short Natural hair Routine 

Bye for now SoniaChic95 


  1. You do well to put the "attention" because in fact not everyone has hair that "tolerates" apple cider vinegar.

  2. I did not even know about using apple cider vinegar for tangles! What a great trick! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Love this and love a natural solution that I can make at home! Thank you so much for sharing and will try this with my youngest daughter.

  4. I have not heard of this before but it sounds like a helpful tip. I always have some of this vinegar in my house so it is going to be something I try soon.

  5. Great tips, I remember I when I used ACV for the first time. It was strong, but it got the job done and made my hair soft. Thanks for posting!