How to cornrows braids short natural hair!

January 21, 2021

Cornrows braids can be fun and easy to style just make sure it is not too tight while protecting your natural hair,because we don’t want our hair breaking off,alright as I’m writing this post I keep on thinking of my bestie in Liberia,we both use to braid each other hair all the time,

Firstly I use the tail end of a rattail comb to create whatever size section you want.Skinnier sections will result in smaller cornrows,while larger sections will be bigger cornrows. 

I start by sectioning my hair in the back,since my hair is short I will braids it into two part,and I then ties that hair up before going to the front,then I split my hair front hair into 2 part and again I did ties up the other side of my hair,then I start to part the road

from my side part and then clip the rest of my hair up Since my hair is dry I will apply little bit of 


and-Carol’s-Daughters-MARGUERITE’S-MAGIC-Restorative Cream.

Then I work these 2 products through my hair and spray little bit of water and I also comb my hair before I start the braiding.

At the hairline,divide the first section of hair into three equal parts as you would to begin to braid.

So I will lay the right piece of hair under the middle hair and I will lay the left piece of hair under the middle hair then I will do this for 2-3 times before adding little more hair in this cornrows braids After I’m done cornrow braiding the hair I will then box braids the end or two strand twists 

I hope this blog post was helpful and if you don’t understand it try watching the tutorial for more details.

Bye for now SoniaChic95 


  1. That is great that you do your own cornrow braids. Looks great!

  2. My son-in-law does these for himself and my granddaughter. They turn out cute but they never leave them in for more than a day. Not sure why.

  3. This is a nice tutorial. It looks so stylish and really nice especially with the hot weather.

  4. I enjoyed this tutorial. Makes me want to try it on my own hair. Love how it can look so nice and chic.

  5. Love this tutorial. Makes me want to try it to my own hair. I could imagine it could make my hair look neat and chic.