Nourish & Shine Hair Butter

January 28, 2021

 As a person with very kinky natural hair,it is always hard to find the the perfect hair product,until I came across Jane Carter SOLUTION Nourish & Shine butter,because of my 4c kinky hair I’m always haunting and trying out new product for my hair,I know it may sounds crazy because I said in one of my  hair topics,me saying that it is really good to stick with product that is working for you,oh Well if you don’t tryout new hair product,how would you know if the new product will works better then the doesn’t hurt to try something new,If it don’t work you can just go back to your old favorite product,

I have tried multiple creams and Butter from different brands but Jane Carter SOLUTION Nourish & Shine Restorative Butter is my absolute favourite It's absorbed very well leaving my hair and skin smelly so good.

That why l'm kinda feeling sad to see one of my favorite beauty products come to an end,today I thought back to when I first laid my eyes on this hair butter cream,I approached a little hesitantly on this product,

I opened the lid and with a little inhale of tropical fragrance mango and Shea butter island,dry hair problem stop- dry skin problem stop-dry scalp problem stop-and Queen,I've had it for one year,so you know a little goes a long way 

Jane Carter SOLUTION Nourish & Shine Restorative Butter


  2. Butter,Garcinia Indica (KOKUM)seed
  3. Butter,Mangifera Indica(MANGO)seed
  4. Butter,Shorea Stenoptera (ILLIPE)seed
  5. Butter,Glycine Soja(SOYBEAN)oil,Squalene
  6. Citrus Limon(LEMON)Oil Citrus Grandis
  7. (GRAPEFRUIT)oil,Citrus Reticulata (Sweet Orange)Oil,Tocopherol (VITAMIN E) Fragrance

I fell in love with a butter cream product WOW.

okay let me stop with my melodrama,basically what I'm saying here is if you haven't yet try out this this stuff be sure to give Jane carter solution a try,love your hair and give this product a try,you will not be Disappointed in it.

Jane Cater Nourish & shine Butter

comment below if you try this product before

Bye for now SoniaChic95 


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