January 21, 2021

Eating healthy is very important for our overall health.When you have a balanced diet it can help you maintain a healthy Hair and weight;especially if you want shiny and softer hair,Alright Here are 11 foods you should be eating if you want thicker long and healthy hair.

1, PAPAYA-In Liberia where I’m from we have papaya trees everywhere,I think because of the weather we have back home, PAPAYA Promotes Hair Growth and Studies have shown that the nutrients in Papaya helps controlling hair fall thereby prevent balding.For that you have to consume Papaya at least thrice a week.This will prevent thinning of hair and also keep in the Moisture/growth.

2, Eggs- Eggs are loaded with protein.This will help make our hair grow faster because our hair needs the protein to become strong and healthy.

3, Spinach- Spinach and other dark leafy greens provide iron which is essential for your hair to become strong. When you don't get enough iron in your body,oxygen an other nutrients can't be transported to your hair follicles. This can slow the process of hair growth and make your hair weak,that’s why you should eat your Spinach.

4, Whole-Whole grains are rich in biotin which plays an important role in producing proteins that your hair needs in order to grow strong.

5, Carrots - Carrots are rich in vitamin A,which is needed to provide growth of every cell.Vitamin A can also help the scalp produce natural sebum oil which keeps the roots of your hair healthy.

6, Avocados are rich in vitamin e which provides blood circulation and helps the hair follicles.Vitamin e can also maintain the oils and ph levels which can make your hair grow faster.

7, Aloe Vera Gel - I some time eat aloe Vera Vera,I know you may probably say Yucky,No Yucks Just Vitamin and minerals,if you don’t like eating fresh aloe Vera gel then drink the juice,I’m always making Hair product with Aloe Vera Leaves.Read More On Aloe Vera Gel

8, Sweet Potatoes-Ooh yeah seriously I was missing out on this goodie until recently I came across these wild benefits about sweet potatoes in Hair Care-Wow it actually makes my hair so soft,softness plus growth I will take that any day,I’m not number one fam at eating white potatoes or yellow potatoes but I love purple potatoes,potatoes has beta which is in other vegetables like mangoes,carrots,Pumpkin which makes the hair grow faster,Purple Sweet Potatoes Hair Mask tutorial 

9,Bananas -contain silica,a mineral element 

that Helps both body and hair may helps makes your hair stronger and thicker,Bananas dose not really like me because I love eating bananas,

10, Guava- I remember when I was a little girl my friends and I always use to go play under the guava tree,guava Leaves or guava It is rich in Vitamin C and it grows the hair faster,You can either eat the young guava or drink the juice plus you can use the leaves in a DIY hair grow rinse treatment or the fully grown guava.

11, Okra is a flowering plant that is known in many parts of the world as ladyfinger,in Liberia kids call it slippery food,Please Don’t say grosses because the slimy part of the okra is the best part for hair and eating healthy,there so many different benefits in Okra,if you’re naturalista then you will know exactly what I mean by that,because the slips will definitely add shine to your hair plus moisture/Detangler easy.and the slime is great for DIY HairGel,The same mucilage can be used as a hair conditioner,try using okra Juice on clean hair to get the benefit,massage this watery mucilage into your hair and use it as a styling gel.or rinse out,Cut okra horizontally and boil in water,To remove the smells add some essential oils.Okra's high levels of vitamin A,B vitamins (B1,B2, B6), and vitamin C,and traces of zinc and calcium,

DIY Okra Hair Gel tutorial 

So guys all these 11 Hair Food i just listed is amazing for hair growth and health benefits.

Few Facts that can stop your hair from growing,

* Pregnancy

* Hormonal changes

* Physical trauma

* Dramatic weight loss

* Poor nutrition

* Family history

* Medications

I use to eat these foods almost every day when I was in Liberia,that is some of the reasons why I usually don’t take hair vitamin because I get it in my food that I eat,I’m not saying you shouldn’t take your hair and nails vitamin,actually you can still take your hair and nails vitamin and still eat your veggies that will just add bonus to your hair growth,which is going to make your hair grow really faster instead of slower,

So that’s it for today,you can Continue reading here for more information on Food hair growth benefits or read my next blog post.  Hair Food

Bye for now SoniaChic95 


  1. In food you can really find all the help you need for hair health as well. I knew some foods that help but not all. Thanks!

  2. Please to note that I do eat a lot of these that you have recommended. I've never tried Guava, so that's one to get hold of. Thanks, Mich x