DIY Hair Grow Gel For Growth

January 28, 2021

Flaxseeds Gel are great source of vitamin E and also essential for hair growth because it’s strong in antioxidant,it is very moisturizing to our natural hair,plus it is a better way to save money because it cheap,Especially if you’re a person who always having hard time keeping moisture in your hair,I know there is a whole lot of different different hair gel out there,why make your own hair gel,well because making your own hair product can save you a tons of money and 

you’re.also.making.a.product.without.Chemicals or.preservative,just make sure to clean everything you’re going to make your own DIY Hair Product in,

Alright this is the Hair Gel I usually use if I’m not using my DIY homemade hair gel,

Is the -Aunt Jackie’s Curls & Coils Flaxseed Recipes Don’t Shrink flaxseed Elongating Curling Gel.

Moringa Powder - Protecting and nourishing the hair plus it grow the hair super fast and healthy/stronger and I also feel like it is kinda like my second to rice water hair grow treatment,because if I don’t have time to make my rice water diy for hair grows proposes,I can always use my moringa oil to grow my hair strong and thicker.

Lavender oil-

Lavender oil is used for many purposes for example to fight acne and inflammation,for hair treatment or hair loss,it has also anti-fungal properties,it moisturizing for your skin tones and can be mix with other oils,Personally I like to use it in My DIY Hair Products because of the smell,I usually Add a few drops of Lavender oil to make my DIY hair product smell Better.

That’s why I decided to use these three hair grow boosting ingredients on making my DIY Leave-In Gel

Check out Full tutorial for More details.

Bye for now SoniaChic95 

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