January 16, 2021

Are you Thinking of going natural or already Natural?

Here are a few tips for you Today:You can either TRANSITION or BIG CHOP,

Most people think to go natural from your relaxed hair they have to cut their hair but that's not always the deal.


means to cut off all strands of 

your relaxed hair or dead hair leaving 

only behind your new growth of natural hair.

My opinions on big chop,Oh Yes you clear your head of the relaxed hair.I know it requires a lot of courage to do

that but you will get the reward bountifully,after you start taking care of your hair,the you’re definitely going to see growth,

impatient When you need a magical growth,Negative reactions people around you may dislike your new look but never mind them,stand firm and you will be glad you did because in the end it will pay off,actually I’m a living proof

after you’re done doing it,tips- wash and gos will definitely help grow your twa faster,just make sure to include the right product into your new hair routine,growing natural hair is not easy unless you make it easy,set a routine to care for your natural hair which is going is going to make it easy to manage your hair 


this means to fully grow out the natural hair before cutting off the relaxed ends,typically from permed hair to natural during this time of transitioning,you are to stop application of any relaxer or chemical on your hair and allow the undergrowth to meet up the permed hair, of the natural ones.This isn't an easy journey,you should know”because I been there and you’re growing two textures.on.your.head,it.requires.patience.and.skills.Most people eventually switch back to big chop due to frustration,which is very hard.

Protective Styling

Protective styles are styles that protect the hair from damage during transition period,if you do choose to transition your hair,this will probably take some time so during that period of time

 I will advice you style your hair it is also important because this will definitely help to grow your hair faster during the process.

I.personally.prefer.the.Big.chop.then.TRANSITION which one did you do?

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Bye for now SoniaChic95

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  1. Great post - and a good question. I say, with any haircut, go with what you love and what's good for your hair. Never go on what others think!