5 Easy Crochet Braids Hairstyles

January 19, 2021

5 Easy way to make your crochet hair look extra cute.Play with it and try different looks.If you don’t like these looks then try something else or search tutorial link if you do,For these Five simple Crochet braids hairstyles if you’re interested on how I was able to achieve these hairstyles them watch tutorial or if you want to know how to crochet braids keep on reading.

How to Crochet Braids

You can either cornrows braids after washing your hair the same day in a bigger section so that you hair can’t shrinks too much then take down the bigger cornrows braids the next day and cornrows braids again in the size you want your crochet braids to look like,I will suggest you do your hair wash routine the day before crocheting braiding your hair.

You really don’t have to use this particular product,just make sure to do your crochet braids under a clean hair.

 1, open up your crochet needle and pass it under your cornrow braids 

2, then close the crochet needle before pouring out the hair 

3,After pouring out your crochet hair make sure to open your crochet needle and remove the braid

4, Then add the crochet hair one by one using the crochet needle 

5, Again Slide the needle under the cornrow braids latch open then close it before pulling out the braid

6, after pulling out the braid,you can either twist it or let it loose 

Then repeat this until you’ve covered your whole head.

Have you tried crochet braids before?
Crochet hairstyle are one of these hairstyles that is so easy to do,all you need is braided tool and a crochet braid extensions

Crochet Braids are very versatile and perfect for women who does not like to sit too long to get individual braids sculpted on their scalps.However,choosing the perfect crochet braiding hairstyles usually depend on person because there are so many online and in stores to choose from,personally I really like the crochet hair that is on the kinky side.

One of the awesome part about crochet braids is that You can add as many crochet braids set as much volume you need and don’t forget to Protective your hairstyle while you’re sleeping,

synthetic crochet hair can last between 3-6 weeks it only depends on how you care for crochet hair.

Bye for now SoniaChic95 

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