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January 30, 2021

Hey beauties,welcome back again'so I've been MIA for a while now,not sure if you noticed or not,but I'm back for good and the reason why I have not been blogging is that We are moving from Texas to North Carolina that's is a lots of work and I'm sure we are not done yet but I will try to make some time for you guys every now and then so please stick around if you can,alright I’m a Lipstick crazy Lady and I own almost 75 lipsticks,some may say WHAT are other may say awesome but you who think that freaking awesome cool come along let’s Get on the Lipstick ship,

if you watched this full video to the end you might know just little about my Lipstick problem,actually I try to hide it but the secret is out of the bag,

Lipstick Swatches Video 

So GUYS I decided to swatched 12 Lipstick and I end up using just 11 off my favorites Lipstick because my camera when dead,anyway no worries because on this blog I will be sharing lots of lips product,


City color : lip Gloss plum lipstick

City color : lip Gloss : brillant lipstick

Black Radiance #5117


True Matte Lipstick ( Broadway Color) D MLS18: name-where’s Nemo

True Matte Lipstick ( Broadway Color) 

DMLS16 Name-Chalice

BITE Beauty Lipstick: name-Red Velvet

BITE Beauty Lipstick: name-Cava

REVLON UlTRA HD Lipstick #860 HD Hibiscus

BC matte lipstick - light pink

NYX LIQUID: Cream Lipstick 

#LSCL15 # Run the World


Wet n Wild Megalast : LIQUID Catsuit-matte 

lipstick #& 924B Rebel Rose

City color : Lipstick-rouge

L’OrĂ©al Paris Lipstick #407 Name LIYA’S RED

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 Hello Beauties,welcome back to another VoxBox blogging,so it been few months since I received a Box from Influenster but I’m glad it’s finally here,

The #ChicVoxBox,

So there was 4 products I received for testing out from Influenster woohoo wow.ChicVoxBox

So guys today I will be sharing my thoughts on these products,So the first item that is in my Vox Box is eos: evolution of smooth dry skin/

I’m currently using this eos shaving cream,so this is my first shaving cream I used,I been wanting to use shaving cream like forever but I’ve been reading bad bad reviews on it and I also have sensitive skin that is why I did not use it before,all I will say this product work perfectly on me and it only $3.99 And the second one is

NYX Worth the hype volumizing & 

Lengthening Mascara $8.00,

I’m really satisfied with this mascara the results are amazing, photos taken before and after,my new holy grail mascara,this brush bristles is everything to me Let’s apply this worth the hype Mascara it separates every bit of my little baby lashesThe third one is 

korres) pomegrante Ahas & 

Enzymes Resurfacing Face mask,$34.00 

I’m love this stuff, this contains pomegrante Ahas which I really like,it’s is a Face Mask that makes me feel so good God I’m so thankful to Influenster

Fourth and the last one Hair Food moisture Shampoo & conditioner infused honey Apricot fragrance $9.99 I really like how this hair food smells like Apricot,it is great for normal to dry hair,overall I really like the conditioner

This shampoo Sample was very little for me,I actually didn’t have much to use because of my big hair,but I will say one thing that I really love about this shampoo,is the apricot smell that is in it,if you happened to have soft wavy hair this sample might do you some good.

I will be posting more pictures of all of these products on Facebook page-click the link to check it out,all of these products I just reviewed is available at Influenster

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Rosy VoxBox reviews 

 In this review I’m going to be reviewing 4 products that I received from Influenster for testing out’look on the right side guys I’ve tried some of these stuff and also purchased it on my own before receiving from Influenster so I alright know how some of them work,I’m gonna be giving you my honest opinion on these stuff.

1, Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid Deodorant ~I absolutely love secret deodorant’ I’ve tried tons of different roll on but I alway end up coming back to secret’ mainly the smell is pleasant and it lest all daylong’ you will get lot of product for the price in the bottle

2 : New Purell~So okay I ofterly don’t use hand sanitizer but this one I think I like the way it fast drying and that super cool feeling it has to it.It kill 99.99% germs

3, verwing ~It smells like spring is in the air and that is a good thing’extremely natural scent purfumes,you will need to use more of this stuff to get that spring scent

4, Fancy-feet~This pad fit perfectly well and it also make my high heels shoes comfortable to walk in I now feel pretty amazing when I’m wearing high heels 

Shop Here Sephora

Join hereInfluenster

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Not Your Mother Beach Babe

 Not Your Mother’s ~I think the not your mother’s beach babe product work well on wavy hair but not my 4c Kinky hair, the only reason why I said that is you will have put in shea butter in orders for it to work great and if your hair is well moisturizer great way to go with beach babe

but the New not your mother’s naturals is super amazing and have a very nice smells to it’ it says no sulfates no silicones no parabens no synthetic dyes all you need is leave-in conditioner & not your mother’s naturals make sure to let the leave-in conditioner to air dry before putting the not your mother’s curl defining combing cream product, if you don’t want your hair to shrinkage a lots (again)then after you apply the leave-In conditioner let the hair air dry 90% before using the curl defining product cream.

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Monster Jam Trucks OH Yes

Hello everyone,A little bit late but here is what we did yesterday's night at the AT&T Stadium'so we went to see monster Jam again,A mother of a little boy'we love trucks,Here are few photos of the monster trucks Jam trucks,enjoy the view.If we’re gonna have fun it better have motor so that it can ride.


My YouTube channel 

My Channel


monster Jam Truck

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 Welcome back to SoniaChic95 blog,if you’re old returned or new here,Let’s discuss one of my favorite topics Hair products’so anyway I’m a products junkie and I have to admit it,but it also get’s better with time’so I wanted shopping and found this new product I just couldn’t resist on buying it,Argan Hair Mist- seriously this product seems to do wonders for my natural normal 4c & 4b hair,

This is what I love about this product

easy to detangle

provides increble shine

restores moisture to dry hair 

control fizzy hair when braid 

paraben free

This is how my hair looks like before using ARGAN Hair Mist-Before and After

Argan Hair Mist + Arga Natural

They Both goes well together on type 4c hair ARGAN Hair Mist healthy shine straight style smooth finish+ ARGANATURAL

Natural 4C and 4B Afro Hair 

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 Hello lovely people’s,is there anyone else obsessed with these face mask,well Well the beautiful part about this stuff is already mixed. All you need to do is just apply to a clean face.Unwanted deep pore great stuff to try,For better effect apply this face mask on once to twice a week on your face.

All in All this Dectoxifying facial mask is my favourite’I love,this mud kinda reminds me of the clay mud in west Africa Liberia,Really ha ha Ooh yes,Don’t be afraid,

That just clay MUD
And don’t forget to remove your face mask with warm towel or warm water after 15-20 minutes 

PIERRE’S APOTHECARY Face Mask treatment

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Loving: Based on a true story- starring : Joel Edgerton, Ruth Negga, Marton Csokas

Directed by:Jeff Nichols

Supreme Court case: 

An interracial couple fights the law that they cannot be recognized as a married in the state of Virginia,the couple was sentenced to prison in 1958 for getting married,what would you do if it illegal to get marry the person you loved most?Great movie to watch 

Disney presents QUEEN OF KATWE based on a true life story  Disney presents QUEEN OF KATWE based on a true life story  starring:

-Lupita Nyong'o
-David Oyelowo 

-& directed by Mira Nair 

A young girl's form Ugandan life changes forever when she discovers the talent for Chess' A heart warming story' you will cry after watching' I did,so grab your napkin or paper tower & sit down because this movie is very emotional & heart touching'One of the best part in this movie - is when it was raining in the movie & Lupita was crying..Year came out 2016 If you enjoy watching movies and Tv shows Here is others movies and Tv shows you might be interested in- 18 years up-

~Bates Motel

~The Walking Dead

~ Grimm

~ Quantico

~ Homeland

~ Gotham

~ No Escape

~ Game of Thrones 

~ Emerald City

~ Billions

~  Ray Donovan

~ The Tudors

~ This is us


~ Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi 

~ Jab Tak Hai Jaan 

~ CHI - RAQ 


~ American Odyssey


~  ZOO

~ Salem

~ The Fosters

~ parenthood 

Z Nation

~ Black Sails

~ Mad Max Fury  Road

~ Avatar

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My Look Book

January 29, 2021

So as the years change so does the fashion and new trends are set in fashion all over the world.Here are few of my favorite outfits,Oh welcome to my Look Book these outfits can be wear at almost any season,apart from the short soft blue Jean jumpsuit,all these ideas are my own ways of styling these outfits,

At least I try to make it stylish for you and me,now let’s do this’anyway if you’re still on the hunt for more fashion style of mine then here are full tutorial on me trying out these Looks My Look Book

Styling My favourite outfits

  1. – Store + Outfits –
  2. Black Lace Dress- Ross
  3. Cream and Black Dress Ross
  4. Classic black Silk skirt- Forever 21
  5. Seasonal dress Jumpsuit- Target
  6. Comfortable soft blue Jumpsuit- Target
  7. Shoes-TJ Maxx & Home Goods 

I know this is a very basic outfits looks but you can also swatches of these clothing with some accessories and also change the color to your preference or what you already have.

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Nourish & Shine Hair Butter

January 28, 2021

 As a person with very kinky natural hair,it is always hard to find the the perfect hair product,until I came across Jane Carter SOLUTION Nourish & Shine butter,because of my 4c kinky hair I’m always haunting and trying out new product for my hair,I know it may sounds crazy because I said in one of my  hair topics,me saying that it is really good to stick with product that is working for you,oh Well if you don’t tryout new hair product,how would you know if the new product will works better then the doesn’t hurt to try something new,If it don’t work you can just go back to your old favorite product,

I have tried multiple creams and Butter from different brands but Jane Carter SOLUTION Nourish & Shine Restorative Butter is my absolute favourite It's absorbed very well leaving my hair and skin smelly so good.

That why l'm kinda feeling sad to see one of my favorite beauty products come to an end,today I thought back to when I first laid my eyes on this hair butter cream,I approached a little hesitantly on this product,

I opened the lid and with a little inhale of tropical fragrance mango and Shea butter island,dry hair problem stop- dry skin problem stop-dry scalp problem stop-and Queen,I've had it for one year,so you know a little goes a long way 

Jane Carter SOLUTION Nourish & Shine Restorative Butter


  2. Butter,Garcinia Indica (KOKUM)seed
  3. Butter,Mangifera Indica(MANGO)seed
  4. Butter,Shorea Stenoptera (ILLIPE)seed
  5. Butter,Glycine Soja(SOYBEAN)oil,Squalene
  6. Citrus Limon(LEMON)Oil Citrus Grandis
  7. (GRAPEFRUIT)oil,Citrus Reticulata (Sweet Orange)Oil,Tocopherol (VITAMIN E) Fragrance

I fell in love with a butter cream product WOW.

okay let me stop with my melodrama,basically what I'm saying here is if you haven't yet try out this this stuff be sure to give Jane carter solution a try,love your hair and give this product a try,you will not be Disappointed in it.

Jane Cater Nourish & shine Butter

comment below if you try this product before

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My favorite New outfits

 Sometimes the cheapest things is the most prettiers and cuties things,so I went Walmart today and I just couldn’t resist on buying this cheap outfits so I did and I really do like it”than I thought to myself maybe I could just take a few minutes to blog about this cheap goodies 

fashionable stuff i got,sure yep me saying to myself,of course I’m talking to myself again like I alway do,please don’t think that I’m crazy,ooh well I’m just little too crazy for me and myself.okay enough already of my crazy talk, let’s get into this blog posting,so I did blog it and also hope you do like it like I do,

Shopping Tips of the day

If you’re a person who is into finding and buying cheap things I will recommend you tried out Ross and Walmart store,cause that is where I brought almost all of my cheap goodies stuff from

other suggestions Deals 

  1. Check budget
  2. Clearances racks
  3. Sale deals
  4. Wholesale
  5. Coupons
  6. Look for sale 80% to 90% off
Shopping for deals can really help you save money,we all need extra cash in our pocket.

me showing off with my cheap new outfit
I always try to be goofy but I really don’t know how to beeee,okay at least try ha ha laugh out loud.

And I’m just trying to be normal here guys which I’m not, the good thing is that I finally found a outfit that I really like and I can’t stop laughing,who says we can’t be happy?And that’s the smile she was looking for,because  you’re never fully dressed without a smile so say- SIA

Seasons comes and goes while is gone it is time to shop for real deals,now go get your steals deals,More Tips on how to shops for deals commet below.

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DIY Hair Grow Gel For Growth

Flaxseeds Gel are great source of vitamin E and also essential for hair growth because it’s strong in antioxidant,it is very moisturizing to our natural hair,plus it is a better way to save money because it cheap,Especially if you’re a person who always having hard time keeping moisture in your hair,I know there is a whole lot of different different hair gel out there,why make your own hair gel,well because making your own hair product can save you a tons of money and 

you’re.also.making.a.product.without.Chemicals or.preservative,just make sure to clean everything you’re going to make your own DIY Hair Product in,

Alright this is the Hair Gel I usually use if I’m not using my DIY homemade hair gel,

Is the -Aunt Jackie’s Curls & Coils Flaxseed Recipes Don’t Shrink flaxseed Elongating Curling Gel.

Moringa Powder - Protecting and nourishing the hair plus it grow the hair super fast and healthy/stronger and I also feel like it is kinda like my second to rice water hair grow treatment,because if I don’t have time to make my rice water diy for hair grows proposes,I can always use my moringa oil to grow my hair strong and thicker.

Lavender oil-

Lavender oil is used for many purposes for example to fight acne and inflammation,for hair treatment or hair loss,it has also anti-fungal properties,it moisturizing for your skin tones and can be mix with other oils,Personally I like to use it in My DIY Hair Products because of the smell,I usually Add a few drops of Lavender oil to make my DIY hair product smell Better.

That’s why I decided to use these three hair grow boosting ingredients on making my DIY Leave-In Gel

Check out Full tutorial for More details.

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10 Trending Braids Hairstyles

January 22, 2021

 Hello Naturalistas worldwide and happy Friday yay,so I’m just enjoying and feeling these braids hairstyles,isn’t it gorgeous”Alright Braids hairstyle are perfect for the cold weather,because during the winter months some of us Naturalistas experience a lot of dryness in our hair and that is when we really need to get those butter and cream out to do a protective hairstyling,Personally I like to do protective hairstyle on a clean hair,when I say clean hair this is what I means by that,

Pre poo treatment 

Clarifying my hair with shampoo

Deep conditioner and detangling my hair then I 

Rinse out the product and then I usually dry my hair with t-shirt before applying my leave-in conditioner and cornrows braids my hair,then the next day I also go in with butter and cream kinda the loc method but is not,I just try to keep my hair well moisturizer while is under the extensions,

Okay beauties enough about me,let me show you these beautiful hairstyles images that I took from all over the web.

Knot Box braids
Light purple Box Braids 
two strand twists 

Knotless Braids 
Ghana Cornrows Braids

Medium size Box Braids 
Both Box Braids Black and Blonde 

French Braids 

Knotless Box Braids and small cornrows Braids 

what kind of protective Braids hairstyle are you doing this winter or which one of these hairstyles did you do?this is how your braids should Look,after your hairstylist is done doing your braids’clean and fresh looking.

Bonus- here are the edge control I’m in love with this Januready month,it works great on braids and natural hair -okay Stay ready for it - stay ready for it there a goes,one.


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All Credits goes to Original Owner.I do NOT intend to steal but promote creativity.

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