DIY Hair Grow Oil with aloe Vera gel

November 30, 2021

 Hello beautiful people,welcome back to SoniaChic95 blog.I will be Explaining to you in my old blog post about aloe Vera gel benefit on NaturalHair then In this new video I’m going to be sharing with you how i was able to grow my natural hair back with this DIY Aloe Vera gel oil.

Incorporating scalp massage into your hair regimen is very essential for Afro hair,keep on reading here or watch tutorial on Aloe Vera gel Benefit on NaturalHair 

Product used 

1 cup Peanut oil 

3-4 small aloe Vera leaf 

6-7 dry Roses petals 

Add 2 teaspoons of Eucalyptus oil or Lavender oil If needed.

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How To DIY Shea butter NaturalHair

September 24, 2021

 Alright we all know winter is coming very soon,that’s why I decided to share the benefits on Africa Shea butter for you Queens,actually this DIY Shea butter whipped cream works on both Natural and relaxed Hair and also in the summer plus winter time,

Keep on reading or watch tutorial for more details on Africa Shea Shea on hair benefits.


These days people tend to argue about Shea butter claiming the white is better than the yellow or otherwise.Well I'm here to tell you more about this after living in one of the country that Africa Shea butter is made from,Ghana- 

QUICK NOTE - Actually I’m from Liberia and I was living and schooling in Ghana back in the good old days and currently I’m living in The land of Milk and honey,of course United States of America.

Alright I’m right back on this DIY Africa Shea butter  whipped cream topic,as I was saying Shea butter is amazing and wonderful it is very good for skin but I really like using it on my natural hair because it can be use on both hair and skin.


Shea butter is naturally rich in vitamins A,E and F which offers UV protection and provides the hair with fatty acids and nutrients necessary for total moisture,Shea Butter are popular in the hair and skin care because of the moisture it brings to the table,


1. Leaves the hair feeling soft

2. antioxidants and healing properties

3. Locks in moisture in hair

4. Soothes an irritated Scalp

6. Protects the hair from sun damage

7. Remove dandruff 

8. repair split ends

9. Promotes Healthy Hair 

10. Gives hair shine and bounce 

Shea butter is produced from the SHEA TREE which grows mostly in arid /desert /dry landed area and this allows shea butter to suck as much moisture as it can from the environment which makes the butter creamy and wax like in nature. 

There are FOUR TYPES of Shea butter 

The first one is the YELLOW SHEA BUTTER. from West Africa. Its not bright yellow it's usually PALE /FAINT YELLOW and what gives it it's yellow colour is that during extraction,is that the borotutu tree root is added for it's extra nutrients and benefits so a YELLOW Shea butter is considered original. 

Another butter which is similar to the yellow Shea butter is AFRICAN KPANGNAN BUTTER gotten from the BUTTER TREE.It's usually found in Togo,Benin and Sierra Leone The only difference is that butter tree grows in tropical and rainy regions this gives the butter a hard and grainy texture and it's usually MUSTARD YELLOW in colour.It is known as RUVER BUTTER.It's beneficial, healthy and moisturizing to use for hair and skin even to eat but it's NOT Shea butter.

Another Shea butter from West Africa is the white Shea butter,it's not clear white or bright white It's more like beige or ivory in colour,in lay man's words it's OFF WHITE in colour and it's considered original too... 

There's another Shea butter which is from EAST AFRICA in Northern Uganda and Sudan called the Shea nilotica which is softer than the West Africa Shea butter and it has less antioxidants,and more soft and more cream compared to West African Shea butter 

The final type of Shea butter is the refined Shea butter... It's usually nice to use on hair and skin care but not good to eat cause it has only moisturizing properties and it has lost most of its nutritional value.This Shea butter is usually PURE WHITE in colour.

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Bentonite Clay Homemade Treatment

August 27, 2021

Alright beauties,I think It’s about time I do a deep scalp cleansing treatment with this Bentonite Clay,actually this hair mask can be use on both natural and relaxed hair,just make sure you don’t do this DIY treatment everyday.

Some benefits for Bentonite Clay.

Bentonite Clay is known for its clarifying-principles,It cleanses the scalp and remove build up and also detoxifies the hair plus removing dead scalp cells.


Health & Beauty Indian Healing Bentonite Clay - One cup of Clay 

Apple cider vinegar - 5% ACIDITY

3/4 6-oz - Apple cider vinegar 

100% Extra Virgin OLIVE Oil 

2- 3 tablespoons of olive oil 

PROVENCE Essentials Conditioner  Bar

The LOC METHOD NaturalHair full tutorial up on channel,don’t forget to check and see how I apply my leave-in conditioner.

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July 30, 2021

Today I will share some tips on how to use 6 main ingredients to make a mask for your natural hair and get benefit from them in the long run.

Before we start let me tell you this-This DIY is pretty much messy,which can cause some irritation when applied.What you need to do is mix the ingredients with flaxseeds gel to get better coverage.


Flax Seeds (Whole) - 1/2 cup 

Water - 2 cups 

Aloe Vera Gel - 3 tbsp 

Hibiscus Flowers - 6 

1 tablespoon sunflower oil 

5 drop-tea tree oil 




Blend aloe vera gel and hibiscus flowers to a fine liquid slime-How to-aloe gel gel

Bring water to boil and add flax seeds and aloe hibiscus liquid slime.

Let it boil for 5-10 minutes in medium flame until a gooey liquid  is formed. (not too thick, not too runny) 

Turn off the stove and strain immediately to extract the gel. Allow the gel to cool and thicken,Then add in your sunflower oil and tea tree oil.

Method: Now part your hair in different sections.

you might need to use your finger tips to cover the root areas after working your way down to the root of your hair 

Dip the finger in the mixture and apply it into your ends and work your way down to your scalp you can use brush if you want to’ just make sure that every strand of hair root has been covered. 

After applying the DIY then Cover  your hair with shower cap or with plastic bag,Leave it on for atleast 1 -2  hour 

After removing the Diy from your hair with warm or cold water,you can use co-wash cleanser or rinse out condition on your be sure that all of the DIY came out when you were washing your hair.

I would recommend you do the LOC After you are done washing your hair.

Leave-in Conditioner 


Cream -

This mask does not only make your hair shiny it also increase hair growth by nourishing the roots from top to bottom.

The next day,I decided to use let jam and some other gel,I will definitely talk about this other hair gel in my next posting.


You can try a simple patch test to verify if you are allergic to aloe vera.You may also get a blood test done to identify the ingredients you are allergic to.

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5 Natural Hair Hacks

June 30, 2021

1, If you have KINKY hair,BRAIDS it EVERY TIME YOU finish WASHING IT,Might seem like common sense,but not many Naturalistas braids the hair when it is wet,This method helps keep your hair stretch Naturally without using heat and also prevents tangles especially if you’re a person who always air your hair.

2, Sleep with your hair in a satin bonnet every night.try using the one with hairband instead of elastic satin bonnet and you should also avoid putting your elastic satin bonnet on your hairline.

3, Whatever you do,DO NOT DRY YOUR HAIR WITH A TOWEL,use T-Shirt instead.this will help stop frizziness and dryness.

4, Using DIY product on your hair, can really contribute to fast growth for people who is looking for fast growth,If you feel like your have been in an uphill battle for a long time with your natural hair ,oh Well try incorporating Massage into your hair routine After using DIY Homemade product.

5,  almost every Naturalistas will say satin Bonnets should be your bestie but most ladies don’t know that we should have 1-2 satin bonnet,because you will need one satin bonnet for night and the other for day time,this will really help you not to rush  doing your hair if you’re going somewhere and didn’t do your hair on time.

this is the Bonus tips,as I was saying massage is very good for hair growth,and I always love to do my massage with essential oils,alright we all know about essential but some people don’t know which ones that can stimulate hair growth, that why I got you cover with some of my favorite hair boosting hair grow oils,To grow your edges faster it can be a struggle that’s why you need to be careful on how you handle those little baby hairline.

And one more thing don’t forget to always use carry oil with your essential oils while mixing and before using.

List of these Carry Oils I like using 

Coconut oil 

Almond Oil 

Avocado oil 

Peanut oil

Castor oil 

List of these essential oils I like using

Lavender oil 

Rosemary oil 

Peppermint oil 

Cedarwood oil 

Check out my previous posts For some of the other essential oils I like using,Essential oils Benefits

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15 Natural Oils For Hair Care and growth

May 31, 2021

 Oils are commonly found in hair care products - shampoos,conditioners,DIY Homemade products,if you want 100% natural oils without chemicals then try some of these Oils and you will see major changes in your hair,


Aloe vera oil has amazing hair benefits.The oil helps to reduce hair fall,prevent and treat dandruff, treat dry itchy scalp,make hair shiny and also promote healthy hair growth.Plus aloe vera oil can help maintain the pH of your scalp which is needed for healthier hair and moisturizer the hair.

2, Coconut Oil-  has been shown to prevent hair damage. Because of its structure,coconut oil is able to deeply penetrate into the hair and moisturize it.

3, Castor Oil- Castor oil promotes hair growth,moisturizes and prevents scalp infections.

4, Olive Oil-  is a great conditioner,promotes scalp health and prevents dandruff.

5, Almond Oil- will nourish your hair,help it grow and boost its shine plus it is light Weight.

6, Rosemary Oil-  can help reduce the greying of hair.It also helps to prevent drying and scaling of the scalp which causes dandruff and itching.It can minimize hair breakage and add shine to your hair. 

7, Peanut Oil- Peanut oil benefits for hair are numerous. This amazing oil imparts the necessary Vitamin E,peanut oil keep the natural hair well moisturizer,if you want to strengthen your hair follicles and reduce damage,peanut oil also encourages new hair growth and prevents balding.

8, Avocado Oil- Avocado oil is loaded with essential fatty acids, amonio acids and nutrients. Also, it's rich in vitamins A,B,D and E. Use this oil for deep conditioning, boosting shine,moisturizing and hair strengthening.

9, Flaxseeds Oil-  Flaxseed oil contains vitamin E that nourishes the hair follicles.Omega-3 fatty acids help reduce inflammation, thereby treating dandruff, scalp acne and hair loss.Its healthy proteins impart beautiful hair that shines with health,Using flaxseed oil makes the hair soft,smooth and moisturized.

10, sunflower oil- Sunflower oil has Oleic acid Omega 9 which helps to stop breaking of hair and stimulates healthy hair growth its non greasy moisturising on hair plus it also has minerals and vitamin A, B, D & E.

11, GRAPESEED OIL – One of the best oils for hair and skin,it nourishes and conditions the hair,Grapeseed oil is also wonderful on high heat especially if you want to make your own DIYs homemade hair oil,I usually like to use Grapeseed to make my Diy aloe Vera gel oil Or carrot oil.

12 , Carrot seed oil- Carrot oil is packed with high levels of antioxidants and has a delightful smell. It can stimulate blood circulation around the hair follicles and promote growth.Carrot oil preventing split ends and breakage by keeping moisture in the shaft.It is wonderful for doing hot oil hair treatment,especially when applied on dry natural hair.

13, Jojoba Oil - Makes hair shiny while limiting frizziness Reduces dry irritation of scalp and build up,Resembles natural hair sebum the most.

14, Peppermint Oil- is amazing for stimulating hair growth.It can promote blood flow on the scalp which helps to provide nutrients and shine to your hair.It also protects hair from breakage or drying.I usually like to use it in my DIYs Homemade product as preservatives.

15, Rose Hip Seed Oil- this Oil is a great source of essential fatty acids that add renewal and repair hair & scalp tissue to promote healthy hair growth

Alright Naturalistas I hope you’re ready to make your own homemade

product,personally I usually mix 1-2 of these Oil in my DIY hair product,Here is one of my favorite diy homemade leave-in conditioner,

Here are my DIY Oils mixture.

6 ingredients to make natural hair naturally soft without rinsing out 

Fresh Aloe Vera gel.

Vegetable Glycerin 

DIY Hair softener 

Sunflower oil and Grapeseed oil

Peppermint oil 


1. Wash your Aloevera plant and remove the gel from inside of the leafy 

2. Put your Aloe Vera Gel into a clean blender and blend until it very smooth 

3, put the Aloe Vera juice into a screener to Extract fresh slimy gooey juice 

4, then put a silk cloth in clean bowl and add the aloe Vera gel into cloth and squeeze until you remove 99% off the aloe Vera gel

5, after you’re done removing your aloe gel then add in 2 tablespoons of Vegetable Glycerin.

6 you can add in any oil of your choice or add in Sunflower oil and Grapeseed/ peppermint oil

Then mix all the ingredients together 

Application time

I will recommend you apply this mixture on a clean dry hair,you can either apply leave in conditioner before  using your fresh aloe Vera juice or after you’re done shampooing and conditioner your hair use the aloe Vera juice instead,usually after I’m done washing my hair I’m like either tired or my hair is taking long to dry because of the leave-in conditioner or because of the thickness of my hair.

So I apply my leave-in conditioner after I’m done washing then I put it into cornrows or box braids and cover up my hair with my satin bonnet and I usually take down my cornrows or braids the next day and apply this Diy leave-in conditioner on my hair,to keep the Diy gel fresh make sure to make it the same day you’re about to use it.

then Use this aloe vera gel juice directly in your hair or scalp and you can use any of these oils I just recommend of your choice.

dip your fingers into aloe aloe gel mix and apply it on your ends and work your way down, 

You can use clean spray bottle or serum bottle.

.continue reading here for more tips on aloe Vera Gel

 OILS Mixing

DIY Shea butter Oils Mix

I have dry natural hair and I live in a hot climate state so this my formula for mixing an hot oil treatment is -

Aloe Vera gel oil - Protein for my hair and my ( Carrier Oil )

Rose Hip Seed Oil- repair hair & scalp tissue to promote healthy hair growth.

GRAPESEED OIL - nourishes and conditions the hair.

Peppermint Oil- for growth and preservatives.

Almond Oil- for nourishment and as shine booster.

I'm beyond excited to apply this DIY formula on my hair again and can’t wait to share my progress with you guys on my YouTube channel

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April 30, 2021

Welcome back to SoniaChic95 website,alright Soft luminous hair is a common goal for natural Sisters and brothers,However,life can get the best of your hair — whether due to aging,lifestyle habits or poor hair care techniques—many things can damage your already delicate hair cuticles,Over time,natural oils may be stripped from your hair which may lead to dryness.

Still,this doesn’t mean you have to settle for dry brittle hair,Softening otherwise dry and coarse hair can be treated with home remedies,All you’ll need is a combination of moisturizing ingredients and healthy hair care habits.Consider the following remedies and steps you can easily add to your own routine.

1, Know your hair type

Understanding your hair type is important before trying/any-home-remedies.Dry, use some extra TLC but straight hair may not need as much oil compared with curly hair.This is because natural oils from the scalp move easier through the cuticle the straighter your hair is.

Although you may know your hair type now,it can change as you get older because of a decrease in natural oil production.Your hair might also be different based on the climate you live in and what season it is.

2, Argan oil

Derived from Moroccan-argan-fruit extracts,-this oil-is.known-for.its.moisturizing-properties-While-research.involving argan oilTrusted Source and hair care is lacking,

this remedy shows a lot of promise.

Cosmetic manufacturers have added the oil to numerous shampoos,conditioners,and treatments,but extremely dry hair may benefit more from pure argan oil.(Get some here)Plus,you won’t have to deal with any chemicals or other unwanted additives,Apply as you would olive oil — in a single,even layer. 

3, Moisture starts on your wash day,Firstly is get your self a sulfate free shampoo.Followed buy a conditioner/ deep conditioner Or you can DIY conditioner using aloe and peanut oil it will leave your hair soft like a cotton candy,

Hot oil treatment or pre-poo.

Choose any oil you want and heat it up apply it on your scalp to the whole part of the hair,cover with plastic cap then towel.Sit under hooded dryer if don't have take a dampen towel and heat it up on microwave then wrap it around your head. Rinse your hair and do the 

LOC/LCO method

Since my natural hair is 4c and 4b I usually don’t go without the LOC Method,we are like coffee and cream haha,alright this is how it goes,

L-liquid or leave in



This is a method of how we re-moistutise our hair.Water is where the moisture comes from.Oils and creams/ butters don't have water so we have to add to our selfs.oils and butters are sealants.You will have to do a loc method each Time your hair feels dry.

After all that work done,we don't want that moisture to go to waste right.That's where satin or silk Bonnett comes in. satin or silk helps retain moisture unlike other fabrics that sucks moisture out of your hair.

4, Use a weekly hair mask

Aloe Vera gel oil can be an effective way to add much-needed moisture to dry hair.But if you’d rather not mess with pure oils,you can look for a ready-to-use hair mask instead.

Used on a weekly basis,a hair mask can help your hair draw in moisture more effectively for softer hair over time.Apply-on-damp

-not wet)-hair.after.shampooing,then.

rinse out after five minutes.

5, Bentonite clay that’s.traditionally.used.for.digestive.ailments.It’s,like.eczema,dryness and bug bites.

6, Research is ongoing about the possible effects of bentonite clay for your hair,though most related studiesTrusted Source have focused on animals

Proponents believe that the clay can help clean your hair while also balancing out moisture levels. It may even help with dandruff.

7, To use bentonite clay for your hair:

Get some bentonite clay.

Combine equal parts clay with water or vinegar,to form a thick paste.Apply in the shower as you would a store-bought hair mask.Don’t wash with hot water

Hot water can cause damage to dull,dry hair. Opt for lukewarm water instead.

8, Avoid certain protective hairstyling 

Hair accessories can be a fun and easy way to change up your look.Some accessories,such as elastic bands,are even essential when you’re working out or playing sports.But over time, mthe pulling and tightening action from these hairstyles can damage the hair cuticle.This can lead to dryness,and even patchy hair loss.

9, Go easy on frequent treatments

When you get a quality hair treatment, whether it’s a color job,perm,or straightening/relaxer treatment,the results can be addictive.You may even be tempted to get another treatment after a few weeks.

Professional hair treatments can even make your hair soft and shiny,but many of the effects are temporary.At the core of each treatment are chemicals,which can dry out and damage your hair after a while.

Your best bet is to go easy on the treatments with a minimum of six weeks in between each session.

It takes time

It can take time and experimentation to find products that give you the soft hair you’re looking for.The above remedies can help soften your hair over time.While a hair mask or a plant oil can provide immediate softness,the effects will wear off after a few days until you reapply again.

Other changes to your routine will take longer to impact your hair — this can take several weeks depending on the extent of dryness or damage.

10, Don’t forget to Drink lots of water as moisture comes from within,even for hair.Good and strong hair starts with what you put in your hair,continue reading

.Food Hair Growths

If your hair continues to be excessively dry despite the above remedies,see your doctor. Extensive dryness that won’t self-correct with healthy lifestyle habits could indicate an underlying medical condition,such as nutritional deficiencies.

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Products And Tools Professional Braiders Use

April 3, 2021

If you’re wondering what kind of product or tools more professional Braider use,oh well I got you covered with these awesome products and tools that is going to make your braids looks so amazing after you get them done,I recently noticed a lot of new braids hairstyles are so shiny and with a clean part so I decided to try out these products and tools that was recommended by a really good friend of mine and gosh I love using them,
I did tried them all,that’s why I’m recommending these goodies to you with love and don’t let anyone tell you that hair product and tools dose not matter,it does and it makes a whole lot of difference in hairstyling,after you’re finish styling your braids hairstyles or natural hair then you will know how awesome some hair product and tools can be,

Products and tools for Braiders to help make braiding easier and more fun in the process,Honey’s don’t miss out on the newest and trending braids hairstyles that are looking so fine with These golden products and tools.

Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair Extensions Black - 24 inch 8 Packs Synthetic Crochet Braids, Natural Braid Crochet Hair, Hot Water Setting Professional Soft Yaki Texture (24 inch, 1B)

Freetress Synthetic Braid - 3X Pre-Stretched Braid 301 28 Inch (OMRED)

X-pression Premium Original Ultra Braid. - Color 1 ( Pack of 6 )

Pieces Multicolor Quick Beader Automatic Hair Beader Ponytail Maker Styling Tool for Loading Beads with 1000 Pieces Mini Rubber Bands for Hair Styling Accessories

Tara Assorted Color Design 240 Pieces Plastic Beads 10x12 mm for Braid Hair for Girls (Clear Glitter)

6Packs Passion Twist Hair 18Inch Water Wave Crochet Hair for Passion Twist Crochet Braiding Hair Long Bohemian Hair Braiding Passion Twist Braids Synthetic Hair Extensions (1B)

THE MANE CHOICE - Multi-Vitamin Scalp Nourishing Hair Growth Oil (4 Ounces / 118 Milliliters)

Summer Colorful braids

March 25, 2021

Mostly a lot of you ladies like to braids your hair in the winter month but unfortunately we can’t use these beautiful colorful braids extension,Okay right you can use them in the winter month if you want to,but me personally i prefer colorful stuff in summer especially colorful  hair,

 Summer sunshine will soon be here that’s why I put together all these gorgeous colorful braids for you to choose from,actually I know we are still in spring but it is really good to Plan ahead,One of the amazing part about braids and summer time is that you get to keep you hair in a protective style and go swimming plus there are so many braids hairstyles to choose from, For example

twists,crochet braids,Senegalese twists,box braids,and marley twists,Box Braids.

Rainbow Box Braids
Almost like rainbow first braids and second braids is definitely rain check,alright rainbow braids.

What is better than rainbow braid? This is also a great choice for summer especially since almost everyone -spirit Is down right now because of the cov19,I feel like this braids hairstyles will definitely bring smile to someone face.

Red hot Mini twists-the color is so beautiful especially the way this Braider did it so neatly. 
Deep Blue and Light Extension 
This blue Extension is one of the hair I will be mixing in my braids this coming summer 
Top Knots Box Braids
Mix color braids always looks awesome to me especially the bright ones,actually this particular ombre braids looks so  mind blowing mainly the pink and black 
Wearing colorful hair is a big deal,because this kind of colors calls for more attention,I’m not saying that people who wear colorful hair are looking for attention,Actually I’m simply saying these calls out lots of attention’so make sure to wear it with confident not to second guess you see in this particular photo,she knows what she want’bold and beautiful.
Rainbow And LOC Braids 

This braids is so cute I have no words to describe.But it does take awhile to achieve,so make sure you have enough time before trying to do this hairstyle on yourself

Biggest Sizes Box Braids 

Pick your favorite color
Yellow Box Braids 

She looks fresh and feels fresh,that is why she can’t stop smiling,yellow is always a happy color that is why lots of people will choose yellow over anything else,who said you can’t go bold with hair?

Mix Colorful Box Braids

two strand twist
Ombré Box Braids
Another Colorful Box Braids

This is one of my favorites becuase it just looks so pretty and works with any plain outfit.

Blonde and Silver Box Braids 
Dark Green Box Braids 
Black and pink braids 
Ghana cornrows braids 
Blue,Orange,Light Blue
Bye for now SoniaChic95

All Time Favorite Beauty Product

March 6, 2021

Hello You,If you’re new here welcome to SoniaChic95 website or if this is your second or third time welcome home again,I will be sharing with you my favorites products I’ve been using for one to two years now and still loving,they are all one of a kind and so good that why I have decided even if these products that I’m currently still using finish I will definitely rebuy it again,my actual holy grail collection products that I trust and will repeatedly go back to.

1 : FIRST AID BEAUTY- ULTRA REPAIR CREAM Intense Hydration Skin Protectant,Use To: help hydrate dry skin,it also heals dry cracked heels’okay seriously this cream is for multiple purpose.Check out one of  my old weird VIDEO For More Info on this CREAM Plus Body Scrub,

Okay guys this video was created last year February,all of these products was my February favorite product and now I’m still using them that alone can tell you how much I love using these goodies.Seriously February favorite beauty product turn into March Madness Favorite product again. Shops here for FIRST AID BEAUTY- ULTRA REPAIR CREAM


2, BEAUTY SOAP CO.CASTOR OIL AFRICA BLACK SOAP-For Hair & Body- everyone knows black Africa is awesome in skin care,It has mainly proved time in time again,from people’s in Africa and the people’s all over the world,I’m crazy about black Africa soap myself because the way it works it magic,back in Liberia during the war there was no other soap to use so I learn to love black Africa soap,actually I was so young that I did not know the benefits for using black Africa soap,we even use to wash our clothes with black Africa soap,now I’m a grown-up adult I now know the full benefits for using Africa black soap,so all in all every time i decide to buy a product that has black Africa soap in it I know that from the get go it going to be good,Alright I have done a lots of Diy with black Africa soaps,okay speaking of DIYs this is just one of the many I have make myself,the next image is the Diy I make with black Africa soap for skin and hair,my inspiration came from BEAUTY SOAP CO.CASTOR OIL AFRICA BLACK.

DIY Body & Hair Cleanser new image

3, LANCÔME MATTE SHAKER Liquid Lipstick and this MONSIEUR MASCARA-is seriously my number one favorite expensive brand product,I actually got these two together,this mini Duets is so super amazing-lip tint and mascara,

Lancôme MON SIEUR BIG Mascara 

If you love a flutter of voluminous on your natural eyelashes,then consider Lancôme’s MON SIEUR BIG mascara your new best friend,because it will make your natural lashes looks fully and the bristles are awesomely amazing.


This light lipstick color are very excellent for people who like bare looks and it also very pigment,who doesn’t love natural looks when it comes to makeup,all in all I just love LANCÔME MATTE SHAKER Liquid Lipstick!

Bye for now SoniaChic95